†...Seiya...† is a Human Assassin[2] and among the newbies who was rescued from Hamelin. Like the majority of his fellow captives, he ended up joining the Crescent Moon Alliance.


Seiya covers the left side of his face with his bangs. He uses a short sword as his weapon.[3]


Seiya seems to be a bit unsociable, although according to Elissa, it's not exactly stranger anxiety.[1] However, he seems to get along well with fellow former Hamelin captive tateWaki.


The Catastrophe

Round Table Alliance arc

Seiya, along with Touya and Isuzu, was in Shredder's unsuccessful hunting party. The three trudge through the rain, first stopping at the Cathedral to retrieve Nagi, who was killed during the expedition, and then returning to the guild hall. He is seated between tateWaki and Touya as the Hamelin leaders go around collecting their EXP Pots.[4]

As the Crescent Moon Alliance moves into its new guild hall, Seiya can be seen hauling some items out of a box with tateWaki as Shouryuu and Hien bicker.[5]

Summer Training arc

Akiba Guild Hall Raid arc

Seiya, along with the other Hamelin rescuees plus Serara and Ashlynn, is a member of the Akiba Guild Hall Raid. He is on Team D with Lelia, Kotaro, Yuzu, Death Gazer, and Pekopeko Pizza.[6]


Seiya uses a short sword in battle.[6]


  • His favorite food is hamburg steak with tomato sauce (he dislikes demiglaze sauce for tasting bitter).[3]


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