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Log Horizon 5: A Sunday in Akiba is the fifth volume of the Log Horizon light novel series, covering the Libra Festival arc. The events of volume 9 take place around the same time as this volume.

It is adapted in episodes 22-25 in the first season of the anime.

Official Synopsis

In the sort of autumn afternoon that leaves maidens sighing, new enemies arrive in Akiba! And these enemies are more terrifying than any monster--they're human. Worse, their target is the very system at the heart of the city--the Round Table Council! Will the tenuous government that Shiroe has worked so hard to build survive this latest threat?


  • Chapter 1: Everyday Life of Shiroe (profile: Calasin)
  • Chapter 2: Swallow and Starling (profile: Isaac)
  • Chapter 3: Sorcerer's Apprentice (profile: Shiroe)
  • Chapter 4: Confusion (profile: Minori)
  • Chapter 5: Libra Festival (profile: Akatsuki)
  • Interlude



Log Horizon

Crescent Moon Alliance

West Wind Brigade


Alternate Titles

  • Chinese: 秋葉原的星期日
  • French: Les enfants perdus de l'aube (omnibus with volume 6)
  • Korean: 아키바 거리의 일요일


  • Differences in Yen On's translation:
    • The spellings of two characters' names were changed to match the ones given in the Japanese version's character introductions: Reinesia was changed to Raynesia and Crusty to Krusty. In the previous volume, Yen On changed the introduction page's spelling of Tohya to Touya, to match their existing translation. Meanwhile, Volume 3 left the introduction page's use of Maryele as-is, but continued to use "Marielle" in the rest of the translation. (In the next volume, the introduction page's "Maryele" would be changed to "Marielle".)
    • Breaking the pattern of the previous four volumes, this volume included the preview for the next volume. In the preview, the next volume's title was given as Lost Child of Dawn. The volume's finalized title became Lost Child of the Dawn.
  • Because many translations of the light novels do not use book jackets, the inside covers for volume 5 are lost. (Even with the front and back covers, due to different book sizes in different countries, most non-Japanese versions end up cropping the images.)




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