Adventurer Cities are settlements where players can start once they are logged in at any Elder Tale server.


These cities serve as the bases of operations for guilds, parties, and solo players, and as a safe zone from the monsters (and PKers) outside.

All Adventurer Cities initially had Royal Guards that enforced the no-PK policy and protected them from external threats. The Guards' suits, along with the magical barriers that protect the cities from monsters, are all connected to a large magic circle that is found underneath the city.[1] So far, Akiba is the only known city that disabled their magic circle, be it for any reason.

In Mamare's notes, the Adventurer City of Johannesburg has fragmented safe zones; as a result, there are sections of the city where PKing is allowed. Whether this remains true in official material remains unknown.

Known Adventurer Cities


North Wen (North America)

  • Big Apple
  • South Angel
  • Area 51

Western Europe

  • Rome


  • Although Mamare Touno devised several Adventurer Cities in other servers, some fans in the West decided to create their own fan map, adding more Adventurer Cities. After being presented to Touno through twitter, it was given a commendation by the author himself. Some Adventurer Cities listed, therefore, may not have any information available, since they were created by fans rather than by the author.


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