Aguni[1] is a Dwarf Sorcerer-Talismancer in the Black Sword Knights and one of the guild's few female members, alongside Kirin-chan.

Her build is completely focused on Fire attack magic, and is one of those "magic gorilla" types who always works on increasing her firepower.[2]


Agni is a beautiful woman with short red hair.


To most, Agni appears to be courageous and "as fierce as a tiger." She appears unconcerned about her outward appearance and can be as rough-and-tumble as the men; however, secretly, she worries about her lack of femininity.

Once she gets tipsy, she starts blurting out some of her hidden habits, such as naming all of her stuffed animals and enjoying otome games when she was younger. This often gets her scolded by Rezarick when she starts getting out-of-hand.


This character has not appeared in the main story yet.


  • Her character originated from a fan work titled the Log Horizon Fan Fic Anthology (ログ・ホライズン2次創作短編集?). She makes an appearance in the first chapter.
  • Her name is likely meant to be a nod to Agni, the Sanskrit word for "fire" and the Vedic fire god.



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