Aihie is a Half-Alv Assassin-Poison User in the MMORPG Elder Tale. He was also a former member of the now-disbanded Debauchery Tea Party.

He, along with the other Tea Party members, was first mentioned in an interview with Mamare Touno in the fan book Mamare Anthology. The information was later officialized in the ninth volume of the light novels, Go East, Kanami!.


Aihie was 169 cm tall (around 5'6"), had pineapple-shaped hair, and was equipped with leather armor and a short bow, with daggers on the side. He wore all sorts of bags around his waist to hold his vials of different poisons.[2]


Although he's foul-mouthed and tries pretending to be bad, Aihie is really just tsundere and is good at socializing with others.[3] He also likes assassin role-playing, emphasizing efficiency and losses; however, in spite of his cool facade, he has tons of weaknesses, like sweets and rabbits.[4]

In volume 9's relationship chart, KR calls Aihie a "certified tsundere," while Aihie considers KR to have chuuni syndrome.


  • He shares his birthday, March 18, with Sutu Inaw.


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