Aihie is a Half-Alv Assassin-Poison User in the MMORPG Elder Tale. He was also a former member of the now-disbanded Debauchery Tea Party.

Aihie was 169 cm tall (around 5'5"), had pineapple-shaped hair, and was equipped with leather armor and a short bow, with daggers on the side. He wore all sorts of bags around his waist to hold his vials of different poisons.[2]

Although he's foul-mouthed and tries pretending to be bad, he's really just tsundere and is good at socializing with others.[3] He also likes assassin role-playing, emphasizing efficiency and losses; however, in spite of his cool facade, he has tons of weaknesses, like sweets and rabbits.[4]

In volume 9's relationship chart, KR calls Aihie a "certified tsundere," while Aihie considers KR to have chuuni syndrome.


  • He shares his birthday, March 18, with Sutu Inaw.


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