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The Akiba Guild Hall Raid Party was formed by the lower-level members of Log Horizon and Crescent Moon Alliance, plus Lelia Mofur and Litka Mofur, to combat the Genius Eirenus.[1] Shiroe entrusted Minori with the task of finding raid party members and taking down the Genius, as he was in no capacity to do so due to Eirenus' ability.


Team A of the raid party

Because of Eirenus' ability, the levels of any player over level 65 was suppressed to level 35 ; however, those whose level was 65 or under, whether normally or because of the Teacher System, stayed unaffected. As a result, the entire raid party consists of players low-level Adventurers, except for Akatsuki, who temporarily reduced her level from 93 to 59 (based on Minori's level) via the Teacher System, and the Mofur sisters, who are Ancients set to be level 65 during the early days of Elder Tale.

Team B of the raid party

Team C of the raid party

The raid party is the size of a Full Raid (24 members), so the members were split into four teams with six people each.

Team D of the Raid party


HP and levels of the raid party

All members, except Akatsuki, are considered novice players. Akatsuki (Akiba Raid, Shibuya Raid) and the members of Touya's Party (Shibuya Raid) were the only players who had ever participated in any sort of raid. However, most of them boast a strong team spirit and solidarity as friends or members of sister guilds ; aside from Akatsuki, Serara, Ashlynn, Rundelhaus and the Mofur sisters, they had all been hostages of the malicious guild Hamelin from immediately after the Catastrophe until the establishment of the Round Table.

Minori, the raid party leader, possesses raiding knowledge from her mentor Shiroe as well as extensive notes the veteran players (from Log Horizon, Silver Sword and D3-Hub) compiled in the Instance before dying.

Team Name Rank Class Guild
A Minori Leader Kannagi Log Horizon
A Touya Tank Samurai Log Horizon
A Litka Mofur Member Druid
A Komomo Member Swashbuckler* Crescent Moon Alliance
A Akatsuki Member Assassin Log Horizon
A Ashlynn Member Enchanter Crescent Moon Alliance
B Mezamashi Tomete Member Guardian Crescent Moon Alliance
B Serara Member Druid Crescent Moon Alliance
B Kuu Member Cleric Crescent Moon Alliance
B Yupia Member Kannagi Crescent Moon Alliance
B Masuda Member Bard Crescent Moon Alliance
B Mil(17)ky Member Swashbuckler Crescent Moon Alliance
C Shinobu Michi-nya Member Samurai Crescent Moon Alliance
C tateWaki Member Druid Crescent Moon Alliance
C Radibu Member Kannagi Crescent Moon Alliance
C Isuzu Member Bard Log Horizon
C Rundelhaus Code Member Sorcerer Log Horizon
C Nagi Member Sorcerer Crescent Moon Alliance
D Lelia Mofur Member Monk
D Kotaro Member Druid Crescent Moon Alliance
D Yuzu Member Druid Crescent Moon Alliance
D Death Gazer Member Assassin Crescent Moon Alliance
D †...Seiya...† Member Assassin Crescent Moon Alliance
D Pekopeko Pizza Member Assassin Crescent Moon Alliance

*On his Log Horizon Database data entry and in the anime, Komomo is listed as a Cleric, but the Anime Settings Book and the mobile game made him a Swashbuckler.[1]