The Akiba Raid Party[1] was formed to stop the murderer in Akihabara. Because his sword's flavor text turned him into a Raid Boss, the party consists of twenty-four people, the size of a Full Raid Party, plus three extra members that did not participate in the battle itself.


All of the members of the raid party were attendees of Rayneshia's tea parties in order to minimize the amount of people who knew about the murderer's true status as a Royal Guard.

The party had two fronts: one to fight the murderer himself, and the other to deal with the murderer's Royal Guard abilities. Rieze devised the strategy for the fighting part, while Henrietta and Rayneshia made up the second part, meeting with Kinjo to deactivate the magic circle in Akiba so that the murderer couldn't take advantage of the Mobile Armor's teleportation ability.


Name Rank Team Class Guild
Rieze Leader K Sorcerer D.D.D
Henrietta Leader - Bard Crescent Moon Alliance
Rayneshia Negotiator - Noble
Nazuna Off-Healer A Kannagi West Wind Brigade
Isami Member A Samurai West Wind Brigade
Kushiyatama Member B Kannagi Locus of the Sun
Yaezakura Member B Sorcerer Locus of the Sun
Akatsuki Primary Attacker C Assassin Log Horizon
Marielle Primary Healer C Cleric Crescent Moon Alliance
Kawara Member D Monk West Wind Brigade
Sandy Member D Cleric West Wind Brigade
Yuzuko Member E Summoner D.D.D
Seine Member E Swashbuckler Nyanko-tei
Shironiji Member F Summoner Marine Organization [2]
Mikakage Member F Druid The Roderick Firm
Towa Member G Assassin D.D.D[3]
Azuki-ko Member G Enchanter D.D.D[3]
Fragrant Olive Member H Druid West Wind Brigade
Dolce Member H Bard West Wind Brigade
Kurinon Member H Cleric West Wind Brigade
Chika Member I Swashbuckler West Wind Brigade
Hisako Member I Summoner West Wind Brigade
Asuka Member J Kannagi Crescent Moon Alliance
Nemimi Member J Monk Cocoa Brown
Endou Akiba Member J Summoner Shopping District 8 [2]
Kyouko Member K Guardian West Wind Brigade
Tatara Member - Samurai Amenoma


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