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Alakshmi (アラクスミ) is a Swashbuckler and a member of D.D.D. She is among several D.D.D members that originated from the D.D.D Diaries fan fiction work, and her original illustration was created by the artist, may.

Like Tetora, she is actually a man in real life who uses a female avatar in Elder Tale. Alakshmi's player is known to have a very deep and rich voice which, while pleasant to hear, does not fit his new body after the Catastrophe. (It has likely since shifted to match his appearance with the ongoing changes within the new world.)

Alakshmi's birthday is on July 4.[1]


Alakshmi has long brown hair and attire resembling an Arabian dancer's.



Before the Catastrophe

In real life, Alakshmi was a man with a deep, rich voice. After the Catastrophe, he was stuck in his avatar's female body, but still had his real-life voice.[2]

Return of the Goblin King arc


Alakshmi's cameo in Season 1

She appears alongside Krusty and Rieze in the battle against the Goblin General's army. After he charges towards the Goblin General, she and Rieze follow right behind him.[3]

Fallen Guardian arc

Alakshmi is seen as one of the D.D.D members that went to Seventh Fall to finish the Return of the Goblin King event.

Other Media

Log Horizon: New Adventure Land

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Alakshmi is briefly seen using a dagger in "Contract". It seems that, from her art in the SNG, she only uses one dagger.


  • She is one of the D.D.D members that comes from D.D.D Diaries.
  • Tetora, Dolce, and Alakshmi are the three known players who kept their avatars' opposite gender body.



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