The Alvs were one of the four initial races in the world of Theldesia, alongside the humans, elves, and dwarves.

As a race with high intelligence and magical talents, they were well-known as an inventor of magic. Their dominance over technology, magic, and even concepts such as flavor made them the envy of the other races, which slowly but surely spiraled into resentment.

This would eventually culminate in a war between the three other races and the alvs, and because of the alvs' naturally low birth rate and thus low population, they eventually lost the war and the survivors were enslaved.


Out of jealousy towards the luxuries that the Alvs had due to their magical prowess, the Humans, Elves, and Dwarves attacked and overwhelmed the Alvs using their superior numbers. The Alv subsequently became slaves for trading, and some were violated and gave birth to children which are the Half-Alv.

The Ruquinjé were once Alven royalty, and escaped execution due to their beauty; however, they were instead kept as pets and love slaves by other royalty and powerful figures of the time. They were the masterminds behind the war between the three remaining races to avenge the destruction of the Alv, leading to the high number of casualties estimated to be about the current number of the Elder Tale population, according to Li Gan. When the Ruquinjé were found out and about to be killed, the first World Fraction occurred.


The entire Alv race were hunted down to extinction, wiping them out from history. However, that is no longer the case after the Catastrophe, with the existence of Tokinagi.[1]


Though the Alvs disappeared from existence, their descendants the Half-Alvs, a union between Alvs and Humans, continue to exist in preserving their legacy. Other legacies include magical items like the Mobile Armor, which is used by the Royal Guard, and structures such as the Ancient Palace of Eternal Ice.

Coppelia016 states that the Alvs used "extremely evil rituals,"[2] which may or may not be referring to the creation of the demi-human monsters.

Known Alvs


  • Their name may be derived from alfr, the Old Norse term for (good) elves; the word alv itself is the Norwegian term for elf. However, in the Elder Tale world, the two races are separate from each other.


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