The Ancients (古来種, Koraishu?, also known as the Precursors) are a special race of Landers that is even stronger than Adventurers of an equivalent level. Most Ancients are members of the Thirteen Chivalric Orders, and in game era, served as quest-givers or temporary allies. Some of Elder Tale's time-sensitive events, if not cleared in time, will "summon" the server's Order to "clear" the event in place of the Adventurers. While most of the Ancients are the "heroes" of the game's storyline, there are mentions in lore of Ancients who became corrupted.

By the time of the Catastrophe, most of the Ancients have been killed or sealed by the Genius monsters. Elias Hackblade, the game's "hero," is the only known survivor for now.


How the Ancients came about is a mystery, with only several theories behind them. All that is known is that they first began appearing when Landers in the continent of Eureddo (Europe) traveled to the Land of Wen (America). Despite the presence of Demihuman monsters even there, because of the Landers' faith, the Ancients were "born".[1]

There are cases of both Ancients being born during ancient times and being created by a rite of passage.[2] Some Ancients are born among regular Landers as spontaneous mutations. Regardless of their origin, most of them have split ways with regular Landers due to their overwhelming power that alienated them from Lander society, and a majority of Ancients become aware of their status during times of pain and sorrow. As a result, many Ancients feel a sense of isolation and have agreed not to lend their power to individual causes.[3]

However, not even the superior power of the Ancients was able to completely stop the monsters, since the monsters would simply respawn over and over again. Because of this, the Landers used a spell that summoned Adventurers.

Adventurers, Landers, Ancients and Monsters all have their souls appear in a different shade of color. In an Ancient's case, their soul would appear purple.


  • Elias Hackblade - The "hero" of Elder Tale's lore and a member of the Red Branch Knights. After the Catastrophe, he was saved by Kanami and Coppelia from a Genius monster and joins their party.
  • Ling Xiangfeng - A famous Ancient on the Chinese server.
  • Saria Arisaria (サリア=アリサリア?)[4]
  • Lugrius - (formerly) actually a Raid Boss in the game, his cursed sword is picked up by a Royal Guard, causing the Guard to gain Lugrius' abilities.[5]
  • Youren - A woman on the Chinese Server who claims to be a surviving Ancient. She turns out to be Papus' new disguise.
  • Lelia Mofur and Litka Mofur - The infamous "Wandering Poor Sisters," they featured in several quests and were members of the Izumo Knights in the game world. They reappear in volume 13 to warn Akiba of the threat that Eirenus poses.


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