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Ashlynn is a Wolf Fang Enchanter and a member of the Crescent Moon Alliance. She is a beginner who had just finished the Elder Tale tutorial when the Catastrophe occurred. At that time, Ashlynn found herself trapped on top of a building together with Marielle and Henrietta, who calmed her down and invited her to join their guild.

She later participates in the Akiba Guild Hall Raid.


She appears to be a cute middle school-aged girl. As she has swiftly become one of Henrietta's dress up dolls, she is seen with a variety of clothes throughout her appearances.


Although she serves as one of Henrietta's dress-up dolls, unlike Akatsuki, she doesn't seem to mind it, and even assists Henrietta in dressing up the Assassin. Whenever she is excited, her ears perk up.

It seems that she has a good relationship with Shopping District 8's Taro.


Saving Serara arc

When Marielle and Henrietta inform Shiroe of their plan to travel to Susukino to retrieve Serara, Ashlynn can be seen carrying supplies for the journey.

Round Table Alliance arc


Ashlynn in the anime

As the Crescent Moon Refreshment Stand staff decide on their uniforms, Ashlynn tugs on a black maid dress and complains that she dislikes it as the others agree.

Return of the Goblin King arc

When Rayneshia, Shiroe, Krusty, and Akatsuki arrive in Akiba to help rally Adventurers to help Eastal's cause, she, Taro, and Liliana were awaiting their arrival in a Shopping District 8 warehouse. The three of them are quickly fascinated by Rayneshia, a "real princess," and watch her as she eats the Crescent Burger she was given.

Akiba Guild Hall Raid arc

Ashlynn participates in the Akiba Guild Hall Raid, having stayed by Serara's side when the Adventurer City was turned into a raid zone. She is on Team A with Touya, Minori, Litka Mofur, Komomo, and Akatsuki.[2]

Other Media

Honey Moon Logs

After waking up in the alternate world, Marielle and Henrietta get in contact with Shouryuu as they walk down from the rooftop of the building to the ground floor; however, they notice that the floor is rather volatile. Just then, they notice Ashlynn, who runs and hides out of fear over the situation. Marielle finds her and calms her down, telling her that they had another Wolf Fang (Shouryuu) in their guild, and invites her to join. Just as Ashlynn agrees, the floor collapses on them, trapping them.


  • Ashlynn shares a Japanese voice actress with Rikopin and Ukiyo. In the English version, she shares her voice actress with Ivan.
  • Ashlynn has been receiving battle training from Shiroe, but she isn't terribly good at it.


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