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Astral Hypno is an Enchanter attack and debuffing spell. It is the backbone of the Freezer build, which utilizes Astral Hypno to control enemy groups.[1]


Astral Hypno is a debuffing spell that puts the target to sleep for a maximum duration of 20 seconds. The duration depends on individual monster level and debuff resistance; in harder raid battles, it can be lowered to 4 seconds. While asleep, the target cannot perform any actions. However, if the target receives any damage during this period, the effect of the spell is cancelled.[2][3]

Because the cooldown period for Astral Hypno is only 5 seconds, it's possible for a skilled Enchanter to keep two enemies incapacitated simultaneously by repeatedly recasting the spell on both. Certain equipment can make this spell even more effective, hypothetically allowing a skilled caster to keep even three or four opponents frozen at once.[3]


  • Astral Hypno's maximum duration has varying descriptions. In Volume 1, it lasts "a mere dozen seconds"[4] while in Volume 7, it can last up to 20 seconds (but only 4 seconds on the Orc Jellies due to their stats).[2] The skill's atwiki description states the maximum duration is 10 seconds, based on the first volume's information.



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