Asuka is a Human Kannagi-Precant and a team leader in the Crescent Moon Alliance.


Asuka has yellow hair with blue eyes and a childlike appearance. She wears a miko uniform.


Asuka's careful and methodological mindset compliments and contrasts Hien's freewheeling nature nicely. To many of the members recruited from Hamelin, she serves as an elder sister figure for them.[3]


Before the Catastrophe

Asuka began writing novels as a young girl, a hobby that has continued to this day.[3]

Return of the Goblin King arc

Asuka appears at the ball at the Ancient Palace of Eternal Ice after successfully warding off the Return of the Goblin King forces.

Fallen Guardian arc

In the anime, Asuka participates in Operation Capture as a member of the Akiba Raid Party.[4] She is on Team J along with Nemimi and EndoAkiba.[1]


  • After the Catastrophe, she has begun writing novels for the periodical Enter-Now! and a bookstore called Old Bookstore Hiyoko-do[古書店ひよこ堂].


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