Azuki-ko is a Wolf Fang Enchanter-Butler and a member of D.D.D. She was a member of the Akiba Raid Party.

She focuses on an Enhancer build, specializing in instantaneous DPS support. She often pairs up with fellow guild member Towa, and their "AzuTowa Special" holds the guild's record for largest damage in a single attack (instantly breaking Krusty and Misa's record).[4]


Azuki-ko is a Wolf Fang dressed in a tuxedo, top hat, and monocle.


As a role-playing Takarazuka enthusiast, she acts like a "sharp-tongued gentleman in a play." Due to the differences between her and Sebas-chan's ideas in "gentlemanliness," the two seem to be natural enemies.


Prior to the Catastrophe

While Elder Tale was a game, Azuki-ko went on raids before, which was helpful for Rieze during Operation Capture.[5]

Fallen Guardian arc

Azuki-ko engage

She participates as a member of the Akiba Raid Party in Team G, alongside fellow D.D.D member Towa. She uses Thorn Bind Hostage on Enbart Nelles, and Towa uses Rapid Shot to break the vines.


  • She is mentioned in the light novel as having raid experience; however, she is not actually seen or given character art.
  • Azuki-ko has a large number of female fans.


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