I agree. Gentlemen, we shall be successful next time.
BologneseMaster, Abyssal Shaft Raid Party description

BologneseMaster (called Boss Bolognese in Crunchyroll subs) is a Felinoid Assassin-Chef in Silver Sword. He is a member of the third party in the Abyssal Shaft Raid Party.


BologneseMaster is the shortest member of the raid party, standing waist-high compared to Pianississimo, the third-shortest member. He uses a meat cleaver as his weapon.



Round Table Alliance arc

Silver Sword in Akiba

BologneseMaster with Touko (far left in blue), PoloRocca (center, with hat), Eltendiska (woman with scarf), and other unnamed members of Silver Sword.

BologneseMaster is seen in a group consisting of himself, Touko, PoloRocca, Eltendiska, and other unnamed members of Silver Sword. Ever since the major battle guilds divided the hunting grounds among themselves, there had been a decrease in both Player Killing and overall morale in the city, something that Shiroe aimed to change.[2]

Gold of the Kunie arc

When Shiroe enters Silver Sword's guild hall to talk to William Massachusetts, BologneseMaster could be seen sitting with Dinclon and Prometheus in his own special chair. He watches as Demiqas barges in, and when Tetora, Naotsugu, and Li Gan enter while talking about the Monk. He takes part in the Abyssal Shaft raid, in the third party along with their guild master. On the way to the Depths of Palm, he can be seen cooking with Federico while Naotsugu had his nightly call with Marielle.[1]


  • Bolognese is a type of meat-based pasta sauce.
  • He shares a voice actor with Nyanta. In fact, because Jouji Nakata agreed to voice him, BologneseMaster's screentime increased.[3]


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