Brier Weasel is a monster in the MMORPG Elder Tale.


Brier Weasels are small demonic beasts shaped like weasels. They have glowing red eyes, rounded ears, long sleek bodies with a brown uppercoats and white bellies and short tails entwined by magical vines.

Brier Weasels are aggressive and territorial monsters, attacking any players who dare venture into their territories. They have the magical abilities to control plant elementals, shoot laser beams from their whip-like tails, and usually attack in numbers.[1][2] They are not considered to be very strong individually, but can be troublesome in large groups.

These monsters can be found in numerous zones, varying in level depending on the zone, and are familiar monsters for solo Adventurers. Due to its cute appearance, it was made the mascot of the game.[1]


The Apocalypse


Brier Weasels in the anime

Several Brier Weasels attack Shiroe, Naotsugu and Akatsuki while the group was exploring the Archive Tower Forest area. However, they are quickly defeated when the group learned to adjust to fighting inside the game.


  • The monster's name comes from a combination of the words brier and weasel, the latter referring to its appearance and the former referring to its affinity with plants.
  • After the Catastrophe, many Adventurers found that Brier Weasels smell quite bad.[3]
  • There have been attempts made to domesticate Brier Weasels, but nobody has succeeded yet.[3]


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