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Brigandia (Briganteers in the Yen Press translation) is a guild known for looting and PKing unsuspecting players. It is led by Demiqas, but ever since his defeat at the hands of Shiroe's Party and the arrival of Silver Sword, the guild's numbers have dropped significantly. (In the anime, the guild completely disbanded.)


Brigandia, after the Catastrophe, ruled Susukino with an iron fist, PKing anyone who dared leave the city, disagree with its members, or otherwise oppose their rule. Its members kidnapped both People of the Earth and Adventurers, especially females, in order to sell them to slavery or rape them.

Serara was personally approached by Demiqas, who offered her to "simply" be his servant, but ended up catching him off-guard and running away, enraging him. Her rescue by Nyanta and plea for help to Marielle led to Shiroe's Party travelling to her rescue. In the ensuing duel between the two groups, both Demiqas and Londark are soundly beaten and killed.

After the subsequent demoralization of its members, Brigandia slowly lost its hold on Susukino, with the city falling further into anarchy and chaos until Silver Sword, on its self-imposed exile from Akiba, barricaded the city and took control. Brigandia dispersed soon after, with most of its members leaving the city for Minami, including Londark. However, some of its members still remain in the light novel, as Tetora mentions them being "envious" of Demiqas due to his marriage to Upashi.

Known Members

After their fall from power in the wake of Silver Sword's arrival, the guild has been reduced to a mere four members. However, besides Demiqas, which of the original members remained is unknown.

Name Rank Class Status
Demiqas Guild Master Monk Active
Londark Second-in-command Sorcerer Left for Plant Hwyaden
60% Cloudy Member Samurai Active
Do You Play the Piano? Member Guardian Active
Gyunyu-toge Member Guardian Active
Tomtom Member Sorcerer Active
One-Shot Member Assassin Active
Hagi Member Monk Active
Muchio-goe Member Assassin Active
Dancing Hero Member Swashbuckler Active
Star of Nerima Member Unknown (Healer class) Active

Brigandia's Menu

The LHZ Database, run by the TRPG development team, detailed Brigandia's weekly menu. Oftentimes, it is cooked by Upashi, typically working together with Silver Sword's Chefs, BologneseMaster and Federico.[2]


  • Breakfast: Bread, sunny-side-up eggs, crispy bacon, and broccoli and sliced onion salad
  • Lunch: Meet up and eat with Silver Sword at Cat's Bar in Susukino. BologneseMaster brings some side dishes and we have a food sampling, comparing Adventurer and Earthling cooking styles and exchanging information.
  • Dinner: Rice, boiled root vegetables and meat flavored with soy sauce, flame-broiled salmon, and broccoli, onions, and mushrooms fried in butter
  • Upashi's Notes: Demiqas like his eggs over-easy, 60% Cloudy likes them half-half, Muchio wants them flipped on both sides, and Gyunyu-toge likes his yolks firm. Everyone's so particular about it.


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