Chef is one of the many Production subclasses in Elder Tale.


The Chef subclass allows the player to create food by combining ingredients via the in-game command menu. After ten seconds, the desired food item will appear and will look identical to its real-life counterpart.

After creating the food, players can sell it to People of the Earth merchants, who in turn can sell it to other adventurers. Under this system, the food must always be made with the same ingredients, and no matter who cooks it, the food always ends up having the same appearance and taste.[1]

After the Catastrophe

However, after the Catastrophe, food created in this way is tasteless, and is described as "wet crackers" or "mush."  This has proven to be incredibly discouraging to all players. Only those with the subclass of Food Fighter are able to eat it without any problems.

Thus, in the new world, to create food with actual taste, players must gather the ingredients, prepare them, and cook meals without relying on the menu command system.  It is no longer possible to create food in a matter of seconds—if ingredients must be picked or fermented, this takes a considerable amount of time, just as it would in real life.[1]

Moreover, players must have sufficient skill as a chef. If a player with insufficient skill attempts to cook a dish that is too difficult, the effort will fail no matter which ingredients the player uses.[1] Types of preparation that require specialized cookware are particularly difficult and include frying, roasting, and steaming.[1]

If the cooking is successful, each player's result tastes slightly different depending on the ingredients used, the player's cooking skill, and the player's real-life culinary common sense. This is completely different from the old menu-cooking system.[1] This phenomenon was discovered by Nyanta. After the establishment of Round Table Alliance, this method was published; however, less than 10% of the population can utilize this method due to skill restrictions.[2]

People of the Earth are also able to cook food with real flavor after the method was revealed in Akiba. This in turn has caused a culinary revolution among the citizens, especially among the nobility. Citzens begin to harvest, farm and transport their ingredients with greater care and further distances, thereby enriching the domains.

Known Chefs


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