Chika is a Swashbuckler-Pirate and a member of the West Wind Brigade. She participates in Operation Capture as a member of the Akiba Raid Party.[3]

Like several other West Wind Brigade members, she was first introduced in the Log Horizon: West Wind Brigade spin-off manga and was later incorporated into the light novel and anime.


She wields a set of double tomahawks. She has short pink hair, with some of it portioned off to make two twintails on the side of her head. She always has a blush on her cheeks and a smile, even when fighting. In the light novel, she has crosses for pupils and lacks her signature blush.


Chika has a very straightforward personality that is easy to understand. When she gets hungry, she gets into a very foul mood as well.[4]


Libra Festival arc


Chika's cameo illustration

Chika clings to Soujiro when some members of West Wind Brigade encounter Shiroe. As part of his plan, she helps out at the Libra Festival by patrolling the city with other members of the guild and the fan club.[5]

Fallen Guardian arc

Chika is a member of the Akiba Raid Party along with several members of her guild.[3]

For Operation Capture, Chika is placed on Team I with Hisako. While Rayneshia and Henrietta negotiate with Kinjo, Chika is seen parrying Enbart Nelles with her usual smile on her face. After Akatsuki destroys Byakumaru, Chika joins the celebratory pajama party with the other raid party members.[6]

Other Media

Log Horizon: West Wind Brigade

Chika wwb

A color illustration of Chika in the WWB manga

Chika is among the members of the West Wind Brigade that is caught by the Catastrophe, and meets up with the others at their guild hall.

She participates in the PKK plan Soujiro devises, pretending to be oblivious victims for Canossa to hunt along with Dolce and Isami, only to counterattack and drive them to the designated spot where Soujiro and Isaac kill them.

Later, she follows the rest to the battle against Magus and some Hamelin members, and causes one of the members to fall into one of their own traps after Hisako uses her dogs to locate them.

Whenever Kurinon attempts to flirt with her, Chika responds by throwing a childish temper tantrum in order to scare the other girl away.


  • She shares a voice actress with Seine.


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