Choushi Town is a coastal fishing town located at the mouth of the Sand Leaf peninsula, due east of Akiba.  The area around the town is mainly pastoral with green, gently-rolling hills and farm fields.[1]

Unlike Akiba, which is built on crumbling, moss-coated structures that resemble those found in the real-world Akihabara, most of the buildings in Choushi appear to have been built specifically by the People of the Earth for their habitation and use.  Thus, the town feels like a rural village with tree-lined dirt streets, a market square, and multi-level houses with red roofs and dormer windows.[2]


Training Camp arc

The Round Table Alliance chose this city as the location for their August training camp (強化合宿) for low-level (below level 40) Adventurers in part to indulge Marielle's desire to go to the beach. High-level adventurers from the Crescent Moon Alliance, Log Horizon, and Black Sword Knights guilds served as training instructors.[2]

The training camp participants use an abandoned concrete school building for their lodging.

Return of the Goblin King arc

In the face of hordes of Sahuagin and Goblins, the leaders of the training camp contemplate using Call of Home to evacuate the trainees but ultimately decide against it because retreating meant that Choushi Town would be destroyed. Minori, Touya, Rundelhaus, Isuzu, and Serara decide to defend Choushi Town on their own by engaging the Goblins at night, in short skirmishes, while the higher-level trainers would defend other low-level players and engage larger Goblin forces.


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