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Chun-Lu is a level 90 Human Cleric-Border Patrol from the Chinese server who is a member of the Lelang Wolf Cavalry. She gives important information towards the Genius actions to the Kanami's Party.


Chun-Lu's hair has distinctive buns covered in silk brocades and ribbons (this style is called "ox horns"). She wears a fitted pink garment, covered by a large fur cloak.


Chun-Lu is patient, and was thus assigned as a mediator and negotiator with the People of the Land for the Lelang Wolf Cavalry.



Chun-Lu in the anime

Chun-Lu is a wanderer who became associated with the Lelang Wolf Cavalry. She first encounters Kanami's Party along with a small trader's caravan. Although she would normally be the escort, she was unable to sufficiently protect it by herself, and is welcome to accept Kanami's help.

Chun-Lu's guild attempted a legion raid of 96 adventurers to wipe out the nole army. The guild headed towards the pillar ruins, known as Tone's Grave, where the noles inhabit and number to over 4000. Unfortunately, Chun-Lu explains that her guild was wiped out by the enemy there, noting everyone's layered status windows and a black dragon in the area.

As an army of 500 noles marched towards a village, Chun-Lu assisted Kanami's Party in dismantling the threat. From then on, she accompanies the party, acting as a coordinator between the group and her guild.


(Will come out in volume 11)


  • Chun-Lu's name and appearance is an obvious reference to the first lady of fighting games, Chun-Li, from the Street Fighter series.
  • Her name translates to "Spring" (春) "Green Jade" (翠).
  • 春翠 does not actually read Chun-Lu in Chinese, which was the intention according to the furigana for her name; it would be read as Chun-Cuì. Chun-Lu should have used 绿 instead of 翠. (The confusion stems from the fact that both words reference "green," but cui specifically refers to green jade, while lu refers to the color green.)


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