Coward's Fugue is a Bard Cover Song skill.


Coward's Fugue is a permanent status buff song, known as a Cover Song, exclusive to the Bard class. When in effect, the song disguises the damage of the caster's allies, except those belonging to the warrior class, to make them look insignificant. Often thought to be useless by beginners, the song is a staple support skill when partying with warriors and damage-oriented classes. This allows the latter to freely attack the enemies without fear of aggravating them, leaving the tanking to the warrior.[1]

The cover song reduces Hate by 5-15%, and the Bard can select whom the skill affects due to past incidents of lowering the tank's Hate too much and making them ineffective. While this cover song is in effect, dark blue musical notes surround the caster.

Log Horizon SNG

  • Description: Lowers the Hate of your allies by playing a beautiful melody.
  • Targets: All allies
  • Users: Isuzu (level 25/7-turn cooldown), Raynesia (level 60/5-turn cooldown)


  1. Log Horizon Light Novel: Volume 3, Chapter 4


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