The Crescent Moon Refreshment Stand ("Snack Shop Crescent Moon" in Yen Press' translation) was a food stand chain that was set up by the Crescent Moon Alliance as part of Shiroe's plan to breathe new life into Akiba.


The stand itself is basically the same as any other food stand in the Akiba Marketplace, and has its waitresses dressed in white and pink uniforms with aprons.


Round Table Alliance arc

In order to raise the five million Gold needed to buy the Akiba Guild Building, Shiroe and the Crescent Moon Alliance set up the stand to draw in customers and get the attention of the three major Production Guilds. Their signature product, the Crescent Burger was an instant success, with hundreds of customers willing to pay the price of 15 Gold per burger. However, due to the relatively small staff and limited ingredient procurement methods, the stand could not keep up with the increasing demand and could only serve up to 1000 customers per day. To meet rising demand, four food stands were opened, piquing the interest of the major Production Guilds.[1]

However, the goal to raise the five million Gold was not dependent on the food sales. The stand's main purpose was to attract the interest of the largest Production Guilds and have them invest in what was originally thought to be a new kind of quest.

After the secret to creating food with real flavor was released to the public, the stand was closed as it had achieved its purpose.

Libra Festival arc

The Crescent Moon Refreshment Stand made a comeback during the Libra Festival, featuring new foods and recipes for the populace to enjoy. It also reintroduced the famous Crescent Burger at a lower cost, for players and People of the Earth who hadn't gotten a chance to eat it previously.


  • Crescent Burger (15 Gold)
  • Super Crescent Burger (30 Gold)
  • Chicken Strip (18 Gold)
  • 3 Chicken Strips (50 Gold)
  • Small Fish & Chips (10 Gold)
  • Large Fish & Chips (20 Gold)
  • Black Rose Tea Cup (5 Gold)
  • Black Rose Tea Bottle (15 Gold)


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