Dazaneg's Magic Bag is an item that is earned by player who complete a Level 45 quest (Get the Magic Bag) for the materials needed to make it. Shiroe and Marielle are seen using it; it is also mentioned that Calasin owns a special kind that is designed to fit on a horse.


The bag is about the size of a small tote bag with a leather shoulder strap. The design is dependent on the player's preferences and may have extra pockets and compartments.


Despite its relatively small size, it is able to carry a large amount of items with ease. To earn the bag, one must collect a purple flame crystal and the skin of a Wyvern, and have a specialized craftsman construct it. Shiroe, along with several other veteran players, feared that because the People of the Earth created the bags through a quest, if the quest-giver died, any new player or beginner who had been logged on during the Catastrophe, would never be able to get one.


Summer Training arc

When Shiroe and Akatsuki meet Li Gan, the Sage of Mirror Lake, for the first time he shows to know about the Dazaneg's Magical Bag and the materials needed to make it, which suprises Shiroe.

Route 43 arc

Touya's Party set off to acquire the ingredients to make this bag, which are near Minami.


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