Deadly Dance is an Assassin skill.


An attack from a low stance where the waist is lowered and the attack is unleashed, a melee only skill. Although it doesn't have much power, it has a cooldown of 1 second and has the ability to increase its power if used consecutively (up to 8 stacks), so it is possible to kill the opponent in a flurry of hits. When it use it takes on a pale glow and leaves trails in the air, the glow strengthens with each hit. Because the use of Deadly Dance is extremely hurried, other actions tend to become careless due to the focus. There have been cases where players have spilled their drink on their desks while playing, this skill is known to produce various tragicomedies.

Leonardo's Overskill, Parallel Plot, involves using Deadly Dance with another skill consecutively to create a combo chain. He uses this to great effect against Rasphuia, using Parallel Plot to destroy her "souls" before she can regenerate by using them.


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