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Dinclon is an Elf Guardian-Knight and a high-leveled member of Silver Sword. He, along with Prometheus, is one of William Massachusetts' aides during the Round Table Conference. In the Abyssal Shaft Raid Party, he is the center of the first party with his high defense.

In real life, Dinclon is a university student named Haruhito Kijima (城嶋春人きじまはるひと?). He enjoys traveling but has trouble making friends; Prometheus' player is one of his few long-time friends.[3]


Hara Kazuhiro's sketch of Dinclon

Specifically stated to be handsome, Dinclon has whitish-blonde hair with spiky bangs. He stands relatively tall, at 190 cm (approximately 6'2").


Dinclon is dependable and gentle-hearted, which has caused Earthlings to call him the "Corolla Knight." However, he isn't afraid to stand up to even Isaac, and bravely takes the brunt of attacks without flinching.

In the real world, he wasn't very expressive as a result of his shyness. However, he had a deep interest in visiting other countries, which sometimes puzzled those around him. He likes going out and seeing things for himself; he is the kind who is very picky about who he befriends, but is also very close to them.[3]


Before the Catastrophe

Even though Dinclon is only a university student, he is already considerably well-traveled, having taken a leave of absence from school to journey to Tibet, Bangladesh, and Bhutan. It was through Elder Tale that he began making friends outside of his age group, as well as connect with people despite being far away from them.[3]

Before he joined Silver Sword, Dinclon had the bad luck of being obscure, since the common perception was that elves couldn't make good Guardians since they were less durable.[4] As a result, he became one of the founding members of Silver Sword, alongside Prometheus and Ukiyo. During the guild's offline meetings, he'd sit next to William to protect William from alcohol... or perhaps from Ukiyo's sudden attacks?

Round Table Alliance arc

Dinclon, on the right, arrives at the Round Table Council

He and Prometheus, another high-leveled member of Silver Sword, attended the Round Table Conference as William's aides. Upon William's decision to leave the conference, the two open the door out and leave with him. When William decides to go into self-exile to Susukino, Dinclon and the rest of the guild, plus Tetora, follow him.

Libra Festival arc

As Demiqas watches over the city, William, Dinclon, and Prometheus approach him.[5] At some point, either before or after that, some of Silver Sword's members leave, tired of raiding and unable to endure the revival process. Dinclon calls them weaklings, while Prometheus questions what they would do next.[6]

Gold of the Kunie arc

When Shiroe arrives at Silver Sword's guild hall, he listens into Shiroe's conversation with William and watches when Demiqas barges in. He is then placed in the first party as the raid party's primary tank.[7]

In the battle against the first raid boss, he ends up petrified at one point, which is one of the reasons why the party had to retreat. He attends all of the strategy meetings with Prometheus, and hears from Shiroe how to cancel one of the Boss' attacks. Later, while the party was resting, he converses with Eltendiska and BologneseMaster about how the raid was progressing when Ukiyo, Touko, and Junzou join in. When Demiqas has a temper tantrum over how Shiroe aided him, Dinclon watches with mild amusement.[6]

When fighting Ruseato of Seven Prison, he is the first to charge in, using Anchor Howl to attract the raid boss' attention.

Akiba Guild Hall Raid arc

Dinclon, Enkaatanto, and William are in Akiba when Eirenus assaults the city and sucks its Adventurers into a dungeon. When the Genius abuses the Teacher System to reduce the Silver Sword team's levels to 35, Dinclon has to escape to safety with his guild mates and Rieze.

Eventually, their party meets with the Mofur sisters and the senior members of Log Horizon sans Akatsuki, and using the Scissors tactic, Dinclon switches targets with Naotsugu. Both Guardians use Castle of Stone to block all damage despite being level 35, allowing William and Nyanta to dispatch the respective enemies their guilds' Guardians had drawn in. All eight Adventurers present end up sacrificing themselves to buy time for the Mofur sisters to escape to the Log Horizon guild hall with Shiroe's message and Rieze's notes on the enemies[8].

Other Media

Log Horizon: West Wind Brigade

Dinclon bewildered

Dinclon makes a brief cameo in Log Horizon: West Wind Brigade. Like in the anime, he is one of the attendees of the Round Table Conference, where he is seen staring at Nazuna in bewilderment as she had already begun falling asleep at Shiroe's introduction.[9] After William declares the meeting to be a waste of time, they leave.

Log Horizon: New Adventure Land

Main article: Dinclon/SNG

Dinclon is a recruitable character in the mobile game.


Like Naotsugu, Dinclon uses the True Shield build. His defense is among the highest in the server, making him a valuable ally during Raids.

Juwel Blume: A Phantasmal long sword that can be obtained from the special dungeon, Realm of Flowers. Created by the Jewel Flower blessed by the fairies. The blessing of this realm of eternal spring lowers the chance of getting debuffs for the wielder's party. The gentlemanly Dinclon has come to be known as the Corolla Knight by the Earthlings.

Rainbow Wall of the Midnight Sun: A Phantasmal shield born, under extreme cold conditions, from the concentrated light of the parhelic circle. Obtained by Silver Sword for being the first to clear a series of raid quests happening in the Arctic Circle. Exceptional in terms of both physical and magical defense.

Unbreakable: Utilizing the magical arts of the Ancient Alvs, this Phantasmal full armor hardens upon impact. It automatically generates a barrier effect when attacked. As this effect can be repeatably triggered in a melee, it is, as its name suggests, that which transforms its wearer into an indestructible wall.


  • He shares a voice actor with Hien, Shigeru, Prometheus, and Aomori.
  • In the web novel, his name was originally Bronze Block (ブロンズブロック).
  • He and Prometheus are real-life friends, having met in university.[3]


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