Dolce is a Bard and a member of West Wind Brigade. He participated in the Akiba Raid Party in Team H.

In real life, Dolce's player is a woman who became stuck in a male body after the Catastrophe.[4]


Dolce anime

Dolce has a robust physique that's at odds with his effeminate voice. He wears a rose pink sleeveless top, a girdle-like piece around his waist, along with what appears to be a belt of roses, white pants, purple-blue armbands, boots, and has a scarf of sorts around his neck that resembles a fox. He has tanned skin and a tall flattop of purple hair. His weapon of choice is a set of maracas.


He is good at office work. He along with Nazuna are the ones that take care of the members of the group, as Dolce is seen reprimanding Fragrant Olive when she gushes over Soujiro and consoles Kyouko when Soujiro is killed against the Royal Guard.

In spite of his somewhat goofy appearance, he is easily one of the most mature and responsible members of the guild, providing the other members with all sorts of advice. When Soujiro voiced his desire to protect the others from fighting, Dolce reminds him that there was a difference between "protecting" and "over-protecting," going on to explain that it was important for all of them to be prepared in their unfamiliar situation.[5]


Before the Catastrophe

Dolce was a rather good cook in real life.

Round Table Alliance arc

Dolce, Isami, and Kawara are present when the Crescent Moon Alliance opens up McCrescent. Overjoyed to eat real food again, the three bring a Crescent Burger back to Soujiro.[6]

Fallen Guardian arc

Dolce participates in Operation Capture as the only man in the Akiba Raid Party. He, Fragrant Olive, and Kurinon make up Team H and assist in delaying Enbart Nelles as Akatsuki and Marielle kite him through the city. After the raid's success, he joins the pajama party.[7]

Other Media

Log Horizon: West Wind Brigade

Dolce Manga

Dolce on a chapter cover in West Wind Brigade

Log Horizon: New Adventure Land

Dolce currently has two versions: his regular Super Rare version, and his Legendary Rare Awakened version (which reuses the same art as before.)


  • He shares a voice actor with Junzou.
  • He has been compared to Jean Pierre Polnareff of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventures franchise due to their similar appearances, though their personalities are very different from each other.
  • Even after the development of minor Appearance Reset Potions, Dolce does not seem to have changed his gender, suggesting that he is fine with his body the way it is. This makes him the only real-life-female player in the series that did not change his body back: both Akatsuki and Magus acquired Appearance Reset Potions even before RodLab's development of the minor potions.


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