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Druid is one of the classes that can be selected in Elder Tale. It has three localized versions: Pajé (South/Central America), Volkhvy (Russia), and iNyanga (Africa).


Pledged to nature and spirits, a Druid is a magic-type Healer, specializing in using Heal-over-Time spells. Out of the twelve classes, the Druid can produce the greatest HP-per-second recovery rate by stacking various skills to speed up the healing process.

Aside from healing spells, the Druid has a fair amount of offensive and defensive magic and is considered the most well-rounded of the healer classes. The Druid can also use magic that controls the forest. As a result, battling against enemies in the forest will be advantageous for parties with Druids. However, one of the Druid's weaknesses is MP consumption, making them incapable of continuously casting spells for long periods of time. Thus, a Druid must be very aware and keep track of his or her MP use.

Sample Builds

There are three main builds for this class.

Witch Doctor - Recovery Support Type
Druids specialize in regeneration/Heal over Time. The main HoT spell is Heartbeat Healing. Rotates multiple healing spells, as well as instant heals if needed.
Both Serara and Mikakage use this build. Since Serara has Minori to help with healing, though, she uses a blend of the Witch Doctor and Shaman builds.
Shaman - Attack Magic Type
Although a healer class, they do have some powerful offensive spells. "Call Storm" debuffs the field lowering elemental resistance, and offensive spells "Lightning Fall", "Hail Wind", "Icicle Ripper" deal damage. They essentially act as a second-rate sorcerer that can also heal.
Absorber - Continuous MP Recovery Attack Type
Melee build. Using MP absorption weapons, you melee the enemy, recover MP and use melee skills such as Burning Bite and Fierce Maul. Use the gained MP for healing as well. Also uses pets such as Gray Wolf, Forest Bear, and Wild Boar. On top of attacking, they can knockdown or knock back enemies to aid.
Vuorinen uses this build.

Average HP and MP Chart

The calculations for this table are based on level and the average gear for that level. However, HP and MP are also affected by the Adventurer's race and sometimes by subclass.

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Level HP MP Level HP MP
1 150 150 60 5466 5466
5 456 456 65 5995 5995
10 849 849 70 6537 6537
15 1255 1255 75 7092 7092
20 1674 1674 80 7659 7659
25 2104 2104 85 8238 8238
30 2547 2547 90 8829 8829
35 3003 3003 95 9433 9433
40 3471 3471 100 10050 10050
45 3951 3951 105 10678 10678
50 4443 4443 110 11319 11319
55 4948 4948 115 11973 11973

Known Druids

Known Skills







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