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In Log Horizon: New Adventure Land, classes are treated differently from the way it would in the Elder Tale MMORPG. The player's avatar character can purchase classes with Job Points (JP), and can switch freely between any class they have purchased to create the best strategies. Classes have different builds: one basic build, at least two intermediate builds, and an unknown number of expert builds.

Basic Build

Druid basic pv

A female Race of Ritual and male Wolf Fang Druid

  • JP Points: 50
  • Description:
  • Maximum Level: 20
  • Role: Healer
  • Type: Midguard
  • Good with: Staves and Spears


  • Heartbeat Healing: 9-turn cooldown.
  • Crescent Raker: 5-turn cooldown.
  • Camouflage Reef: 5-turn cooldown. (This is also the build's Inherited Skill.)

Recommended Strategy: (subjective)

Intermediate Builds

Witch Doctor

Druid witch doctor pv

A female Werecat and male Race of Ritual Witch Doctor

  • JP Points: 300
  • Prerequisite: Druid Lv. 20
  • Maximum Level: 30
  • Description: A Druid build specializing in healing magic. Along with powerful healing skills, it also has a revival skill and accuracy debuff in its repertoire.
  • Role: Support
  • Type: Rearguard
  • Good with: Staves and Daggers

This build provides bonuses to HP and Defense.


  • Gaia Beat Healing: A Heal-Over-Time spell that recovers the HP of all allies for five turns. 9-turn cooldown.
  • Heartbeat Healing: A Heal-Over-Time spell that recovers the HP of a singly ally for five turns. 7-turn cooldown.
  • Swirl Grit: Lower a single target's accuracy with a massive dust cloud. 7-turn cooldown.
  • Fresh Revive: Revive a single ally and restore a small amount of HP. 15-turn cooldown.

Recommended Strategy: (subjective)

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