A Dungeon (ダンジョン, Danjon?) is any type of adventuring location in all MMO games, which is designed like a labyrinth or maze-like structure that has numerous paths, monsters, and rooms (for closed dungeons). There are plenty of dungeons in Elder Tale.


Known Dungeons

  • Metropolis of Giants
  • Fortress of Samickle
  • Upepesanke
  • Kimun-Kamui's Fangy Bastion
  • Undersea Tunnel
  • Seventh-Fall Fortress
  • Depths of Palm
  • Grave-Marker for Byakko
  • Ragranda Forest
  • Kanda Flume / Akiba Sewer
  • Tomb of Hero
  • Shinjuku Underpass
  • Nakano Mall
  • Ueno Rogue Castle
  • Maihama Underpass
  • Pied-Piper's Lair
  • Ancient Temple of Suwa
  • Airy Deep Layer
  • Titan Arsenal
  • Undying City Toyota
  • Mount Kurama
  • Cursed Capital Heian
  • Okino Island
  • Abbey of Remorse
  • Washū Floating Garden
  • Inushima Water Castle
  • Itsukushima Marine Shrine
  • Makouden (Demonic Emperor's Palace)
  • Daishi Road
  • Castle of Inugami
  • Infernal Holes of Wicked Silkworms
  • Watatsumi Dragonking Court
  • Crystal Cave
  • Karai-Tenjingū (Great Shrine of Flaming Thunder God)
  • Bakeneko Mansion
  • Amano-Ikusabune (Battleship of Heaven)
  • Mortar of Fire Dragon
  • Broken Sky Tower
  • Telkumi Fortress
  • Island of Sleeping Times
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