EXP Pots (EXPポット) are support items available in Elder Tale.


EXP Pots are powerful but relatively common potions in the game Elder Tale. This potion increases a player's attack and recovery powers, and allows them to receive twice as many experience points (経験点) in battle. A secondary effect is that it allows players to gain EXP from defeating monsters that are seven levels lower than them, instead of the usual five. The effects of the potion only last for two hours but are a tremendous help to new players.[1]

It is not obtained through raids or quests, but rather is given freely to players below level 30 every day to help them level up faster. Because the level cap in Elder Tale has gradually been increased over the years, it is difficult for new players to catch up with experienced ones. EXP pots were introduced by the game managers to help new players reach "mid-level" (中堅レベル) more quickly and enjoy the game.[1]

EXP pots are not user-specific and can be traded and sold.

Black Market

After the Homesteading the Noosphere expansion pack was released and the level cap increased to 100, some guilds began to coerce beginners into giving up their potions so that the guilds' experienced members could level up past 90 more quickly.

In particular, Hamelin recruited a large number of beginners under the guise of protecting them, and then forced them to give up their daily EXP pots. The guild then sold these items to other players for a large amount of money, leading to Shiroe's determination to destroy Hamelin.[1] Among their most influential customers were the Black Sword Knights and Silver Sword, two major Battle Guilds in Akiba.


Round Table Alliance arc

Upon returning to Akiba, Shiroe is alarmed by Marielle's explanation of the changes in Akiba since he had left. The major guilds rule the city, with the large battle guilds pressuring smaller guilds into either disbanding or joining them and having priority in the market, leaving nothing for the small and middle-sized guilds. Even worse, rumors of a malevolent guild called Hamelin had been floating around. They stated that this guild has essentially enslaved younger players after tricking them into joining in order to make a profit off of their EXP Pots, which large battle guilds are purchasing. Realizing that two kids he had been mentoring, Minori and Touya, had been taken in by this guild, Shiroe decides to step up and do something about it after some encouragement from Nyanta. With the rest of his party, minus Serara who returned to her guild, he forms Log Horizon and, with the Crescent Moon Alliance, begins to take action.

Shiroe's plan led him to organize the Round Table Alliance and resulted in the disbanding of Hamelin, which put an end to the EXP Pots Black Market.


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