Eijiro is a Werecat Guardian affiliated with Plant Hwyaden, first appearing as a bodyguard for Lord Marves.


Eijiro appears to be a no-nonsense sort and takes his job very seriously, as he forcefully pushed an Adventurer down simply for getting too close to his charge Lord Marves. He is protective of his charge, the way he is constantly on guard and always appears to be ready to fight.

In fact, he appeared to want the Adventurers of Akiabarah to attack or otherwise insult Lord Marves to give him an excuse to attack them in apparent self-defense and further damage the Round Table's reputation.


Eijiro is a tall and heavily-built Werecat with light-brown fur on his face and white fur around his mouth, sharp eyes, and he wears Guardian Armor with the symbol of a pink cat's pawprint on the chest.

He wields two shields with blades attached to them, cat face images on the shields themselves.

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