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The sharing of knowledge is this world's living will.
Eins, Volume 2 Appendix

Eins (also spelled Einz and Ains), also known as Sage Eins (or Teacher Ains), is a Human Kannagi-Scholar. He was the guild master of Honesty and a member of the Round Table Alliance.

After the events of volume 12, Eins disbands Honesty and goes on a self-imposed exile with Marves, Saiguu Touri, and the remnants of Honesty that remained loyal to him.



Eins and his stats, as shown in episode 9

Eins wears long robes in his usual outfit, and his long green hair is tied behind him in a loose ponytail. Like Maryelle, he has a different set of equipment for his battle gear, but he has yet to use them.

Eins' eyes are perpetually shut, and he tends to furrow his brows in worry, especially after several months into the Catastrophe.


Eins is a generous individual, founding his guild to help people by releasing tactics and guides to defeating raid bosses. It is this generosity that gains him the animosity from other raiding guilds, however, and is his fatal weakness. His inability to turn people away places an immense burden his guild as members of D.D.D abandon it in favor of Honesty after Krusty's disappearance, and it creates a rift within his guild that he is too weak-willed to mend.

As time passes after the Catastrophe, Eins is the one most attuned to those who are discontent with this new world and wish to return to the real world. He attempts to improve life for those types of individuals, but his suggestions are shot down by the rest of the Round Table, filling him with a sense of helplessness.

Eins is serving as a double agent for Plant Hwyaden under the alias of "Agent One." It is likely that he was motivated to turn on the Round Table due to Nureha's claim that they had found a way to return home.


The Catastrophe

After being trapped in the MMORPG Elder Tale, the Adventurers discover that the Intercity Transport Gates are not working, making it difficult to travel to other towns. Eins, alongside many other players, is distressed by this news.

Round Table Alliance arc

Eins ln

Eins in his regular attire, as seen in volume 2

Along with Akiba's other major guilds, Eins attends the Round Table Conference, with Naomi and Shigeru as his attendants.

Return of the Goblin King arc

Eins makes a brief appearance during the post-expedition party at the Ancient Palace of Eternal Ice with Roderick.[1]

Route 43 arc

Shiroe becomes worried that he can't stop Eins from doing a certain, undisclosed something with the research conducted on the Fairy Ring.[2]

Homesteading the Noosphere arc

Eins becomes increasingly agitated by the slow progress at finding a way to return home. In particular, his guild is coming under greater and greater strain: without Krusty, many of D.D.D's members were leaving, with a great number of those people instead flocking to Honesty. However, those members were also unwilling to work for themselves and simply leeched off the other original members of the guild, building resentment within the guild. While Eins was unwilling to kick out any members and leave them to fend for themselves, he also couldn't sustain all of them. He found little support within the Round Table, as his suggestions were found to be too selfish and detrimental to the city as a whole.

When the server is attacked by the Eternal Moths, Eins uses this situation to push the Round Table towards focusing more on returning home than making life in Theldesia comfortable, something that Shiroe viewed to be an omen. In the anime, before the Shibuya Raid Team departed for Calling Fortress, Shiroe tells Eins that "For now, [he would] think of [Eins] as a member of the Round Table," a reference to Eins' possible status as Plant Hwyaden's spy, Agent One.

Collapse of the Round Table arc

Other Media

Log Horizon: West Wind Brigade

Eins and William Massachusetts are briefly seen among those purchasing Crescent Burgers.[3] At the start of the Round Table Conference, he and Krusty appear at the entrance of the Guild Meeting Hall, where William, Isaac, and Soujiro Seta had already arrived. They then enter and take their seats, finding the other guild masters invited already seated.



Spirit Bow, Queen of the Night (霊弓・月下美人): A Phantasmal-class bow from the ‹Golden Case of Romatoris› that can fire talismans in the place of real arrows. It provides no offensive support and is instead used for healing and supporting allies. Due to the technical skill required, it’s difficult to use it.


Chilled Eye Mask (ひんやりアイマスク): By equipping it when you go to sleep, this cooled eye mask provides quick relaxation and grant a very slight HP recovery bonus. According to Eins, wearing this regularly will also increase one’s intelligence. Shiroe and Roderick also use this item often.


Roderi-tan Fairy Mark DX (妖精印のロデリタンDX): By combining an Artifact-class recovery potion with ‹Tears of the Azure Dragon›, Rod Labs created a potent nutritional supplement (tastes like pineapple). Roderick gave it to him under pretense of a sample, but if too much is taken too quickly, it’ll make the consumer feel like they’re having a hangover.


  • Eins shares his birthday, October 5, with Nureha.


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