Elf (エルフ) is one of the Eight Good Races in Elder Tale that players can choose from.

Lore-wise, elves are one of the four initial races in the world of Theldesia, alongside humans, dwarves, and alvs.


Elves are often found in forests or ancient ruins and are known for their longevity. They freely mix with humans and have been allies of the humans and dwarves in the past. They are usually tall, fair skinned, with long hair, and angular faces.

They excel in archery and have high will-power stats. Their physical characteristics include long, pointed ears and slim, fairy-like build.

In the distant past the elves were jealous of the alvs' magic knowledge and allied with other races to destroy them. They fought the demi-humans alongside everyone else and suffered their depredation.

Among players of Elder Tale, elves and dwarves are the second most commonly-chosen races after humans.[1]

Elves in Theldesia

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The elves were most severely affected by the wars against alvs and demi-humans. Due to low birth-rate, it takes time to recover their population. Elves still have smaller population than that of humans and dwarves.

Unlike dwarves and wolf-fangs, they tend to keep distance from Human's groups and big cities. For long-lived Elves, the persecution of Alvs is not the long past events. They are afraid of being persecuted like Alvs.

On the other hand, they didn't choose to start a Felinoid-style nomadic lifestyle. Mostly they build their own countries without allowing in other races. This feature is found only to Elves, although Humans sometimes do the same. As a result of the communal life of single race, Elves got the secretiveness and the tending to keep a distance from strangers.

Elven clan society is mainly composed of the observances of dance and poetry. The unity of them gets stronger by respecting their common ancestors and placing importance on blood relative. Their dances and poetry are refined over a long period of time, and became the incorporeal treasures for Elves.

Elves coexist with forests and lands instead of developing cities since they have an affinity for the spirits and nature. Therefore, elven cities often have the buildings that have utilized the unspoiled plants and watering places.

Elves have a unique custom of not bathing in the hot water. Usually, they just wash their body with water, and sometimes take a sauna in areas where steam is abundant. Of course, they always keep themselves clean, elfishly.

In contrast to their coexistence manner with the nature, elven cultures have not been developed well except for arts and crafts. Undeveloped architectural techniques and mechanical technologies is particularly notable. To Humans, this seems to look primitive (to put it nicely, simple and unaffected).

Known Elves

27 characters match the category selection:

Name Class Gender
Calm.H.Dale Druid Logo.png Druid Male
Death Gazer Assassin Logo.png Assassin Male
Dinclon Guardian Logo.png Guardian Male
Eltendiska Assassin Logo.png Assassin Female
Fon Monk Logo.png Monk Male
Fragrant Olive Druid Logo.png Druid Female
Girov Summoner Logo.png Summoner Male
Gorouhachirou Samurai Logo.png Samurai Male
Indicus Sorcerer Logo.png Sorcerer Female
KR Summoner Logo.png Summoner Male
Kaiganjin Guardian Logo.png Guardian Male
Kushiyatama Kannagi Logo.png Kannagi Female
Liliana Druid Logo.png Druid Female
Londark Sorcerer Logo.png Sorcerer Male
Marielle Cleric Logo.png Cleric Female
Masuda Bard Logo.png Bard Male
Nagi (Adventurer) Sorcerer Logo.png Sorcerer Female
Ninjin Second Summoner Logo.png Summoner Male
Pianississimo Bard Logo.png Bard Female
Pororoca Sorcerer Logo.png Sorcerer Male
Prometheus Sorcerer Logo.png Sorcerer Male
Rikopin Swashbuckler Logo.png Swashbuckler Female
TateWaki Druid Logo.png Druid Male
Touko Kannagi Logo.png Kannagi Male
Ukiyo Cleric Logo.png Cleric Female
William Massachusetts Assassin Logo.png Assassin Male
Yoshinaka Samurai Logo.png Samurai Male


  • Many Earthling Elves don't mind becoming maids, because they like holding infants (especially Human ones).[2]


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