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Eltendiska is an Elf Assassin-Apothecary and a member of Silver Sword. She participates in the fourth party of the Abyssal Shaft Raid Party.


Eltendiska has short blonde hair and constantly covers the lower half of her face with Midnight Crochet.



Elten anime

Eltendiska in Season 2

Round Table Alliance arc

Eltendiska is among the Silver Sword members seen walking through Akiba as Marielle explains to Shiroe how Akiba's major guilds ruled the city.[1] After William rejects his seat in the Round Table Alliance, she and the rest of the guild follow him on his self-exile to Susukino.

Gold of the Kunie arc


  • Treasured Blade of Iso-sanke-kamuy: An Secret-class ritual knife blessed and strengthened by Isosange Kamuy, the goddess of plenty worshiped by Emishi hunters. Not only does it raises the wielder's crit rate, it also improves the drop rate if it deals the killing blow. Although she has not talked about it, Eltendiska noticed that the knife has been performing beyond expectations ever since coming to Susukino.
  • Midnight Crochet: Cropped by the crescent moon, the darkness of the starless night is woven into this Phantasmal headgear. Besides the bonus to covert activities, it also suppresses various kinds of Hate increase. It was designed to be worn as a bandanna, but Eltendiska wears it like a scarf instead.
  • Night Wanderer: The clothes of a legendary assassin who has gone through in-numerable tragedies. A high-level Assassin-only Phantasmal armor. Provides bonus to agility and covert activities. Light and breathable, it could also be used as sleepwear. However, it hides one's presence too well and the wearer would end up kicked by her roomate(s).


  • In Resolve, Eltendiska had dark blue hair and her equipment was purple.
  • She shares a voice actress with Kyouko.
  • She shares a birthday with Soujiro Seta.


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