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Enchanter is one of the twelve classes in Elder Tale and one of the three Magic Attack classes alongside Sorcerer and Summoner.

It has only one regional variant, the Korean server's Taoshi.


Among the twelve classes, the Enchanter has the highest MP stat. However, its offensive damage in terms of both specialized spells and melee is extremely low, making it inherently a support class. Its defensive stamina is also very low, making it an unsuitable class for solo play and the least popular class in Elder Tale. Some players say that the class is one that exists in concept but that they've never actually encountered an Enchanter in the game.[1][2] Finding a high-level Enchanter such as Shiroe is even more rare, so experienced Enchanters have at least heard the names of other Enchanters like themselves.

Enchanters are usually able to stay in combat for long periods of time because their spells consume MP at a slow rate, and they generally support other party members, rather than engaging directly in combat themselves.

Enchanters are an extremely versatile class that boasts a rich repertoire of spells at their full disposal. These range from buffs that raise the combat prowess of party members to spells that add status effects to enemies. Still, due to the Enchanter's extremely low offensive and defensive capabilities, it is nearly impossible for an Enchanter to finish a fight alone.

  • Enchanters' spells can make allies' attacks more accurate or boost their ability to dodge incoming attacks.[2]
  • Although Enchanters' spells generally do not do much damage, they can alter the behavior of enemies by confusing them or inhibiting their attacks.  Used strategically, this ability can alter the outcome of a battle.[2]
  • Enchanters and other classes like them are normally in the back of a party and can also operate as observers and strategists. Shiroe is well-renowned as the master strategist for the Debauchery Tea Party, and later on for the Round Table Alliance and Log Horizon. Since these types are normally not burdened with front-line duty, they are seen as the organizers and directors.

Sample Builds

A few builds that are commonly seen among Enchanters.


Enchanters of this build focus on supporting allies through buffs and enemy weakening.

Shiroe primarily uses this kind of build when he's not in a raid.

Crowd Controller

As the name suggests, this build revolves around controlling enemy groups with spells that disable enemies.

There are a few subcategories within this build type; Freezers use Astral Hypno as their primary spell to put enemies around them to sleep, as if they're "freezing" the battlefield. Nureha uses this build.

Mana Controller

Usually a build for Raid parties, those of this build focus on MP restoration and MP management, taking advantage of spells like Mana Channeling and Mana Transformer to ensure that those who need MP will have a handy supply available. This is a relatively tricky build to utilize as it requires the player to have a firm grasp on party members' behavior and MP usage.

Shiroe excels at using this build in raids, making him a valuable asset in a party; notably, Isaac wanted to recruit him after the Tea Party's disbandment for this reason.


Nureha using the Sprinkler build's signature style

The Sprinkler build revolves around using Pulse Bullet and Cast On Beat to fire over 30 Pulse Bullets a minute, creating an offensive-type build. Even Elder Tale's developers were surprised by this build, but few people take this build seriously due to the specific equipment needed for this build to work.

Nureha is shown using the Sprinkler build's attack style briefly during her fight against Soujiro Seta in the Log Horizon: West Wind Brigade manga,[3] but she does not normally use this build.

Evil Eye

Also known as the Gazer Style, this build specializes in inflicting debuffs and then using Gazing Eye to amplify damage against debuffed enemies.

Known Skills

Enchanters are a full support class (with a handful of exceptions) that can manipulate MP, debuff enemies, and buff allies.

For general information about how skills work in Elder Tale, see the Skills page.

Ally Support

Skill Name Effect[2]
Accuracy Support
[Attack Support] Boosts an ally's accuracy. Effective on both melee and magic attacks. While its accuracy boost doesn't increase with skill level, this skill can nevertheless decide a battle's outcome. Once applied, its effect lasts for several hours.
Astral Chaff
[Aggro Management] Divert the enemy's attention from a target by wrapping them in a silver haze. While in effect, the Hate acquired by the target decreases. As a result, it's very useful for keeping rear attackers from drawing too much Hate from the tanks.
Dispel Magic
[General Support] Releases a colorless, soundless ripple of magic to dispel a target's magic effect. Success chance depends on the level difference between the caster and the target. It can be used to remove magical effects such as enemy buffs, binding spells inflicted on allies, or disable magic-based traps.
[Recovery Support] Enhances the effect of a Recovery-class ally's skills. Of course, it's useless if the party has no healer. However, in raiding guilds, this skill can make or break a raid.
Flip Gate
[Area Transport] An instant teleportation spell that can only be used in indoor zones. Creates a shining silver door that, when passed through, takes you to the emergency safe area in the active raid zone. It is extremely useful for getting through complicated dungeons without having to fight your way back, or for regrouping when a battle turns south. There is no limit to how many people can pass through the gate while it is in effect and even passersby can use it, making it handy for large parties.
Force Step
[Attack Support] Increases the target's cooldown speed (reduces cooldown time) and increases skill damage for 1 minute. A level 90 Enchanter with a Secret-rank Force Step gives a 20% boost to cooldown speed and a 10% damage boost. It may not seem terribly significant, but it makes a world of difference in battles.
Gain Immunity
[Defensive Support] Reinforces an ally with your magic power, rendering certain debuffs ineffective if inflicted. This effect lasts for several hours. The debuff level and duration limits are far inferior to what Recovery classes can deal with, but unlike their Debuff Removal abilities, Gain Immunity prevents debuffs from being inflicted to start with. If you know what kinds of debuffs the boss inflicts in advance, this can be used to relieve your healers' burden. However, because this skill cannot remove debuffs, it's not as useful if you're going into a battle blind.
[Movement Skill] Increases an ally's action speed (casting time and auto attack rate). It is often applied before entering battle due to its long duration, but it's a bit MP-costly, so DPSers are typically prioritized. The speed boost increases with skill level, and a level 90 Enchanter can provide a 20% action speed boost.
Infinity Force
[Finisher] [Attack Support] Remove an ally's ability limiter, allowing them to use their skills continuously for 15 seconds. Sorcerers can fire powerful spells repeatedly, and Assassins and Swashbucklers can unleash their most powerful skills. However, Hostility continues to build normally, so they have to brace for a powerful counterattack afterwards. (See Notes section.)

Those under the effect of this skill are surrounded by a golden light. As one of the Enchanter's trump cards, this skill has a long 40-minute cooldown.After the Catastrophe, those under the effect of this skill feel extreme fatigue after the effect wears off. As a result, people are more hesitant about using this skill.
Keen Edge
[Attack Support] Enhances an ally's weapon ATK. Upgrading this skill increases the effect's boost. A weapon enhanced by Keen Edge will glow a faint white, and its effect will last several hours. Keen Edge is often used before entering a raid or a difficult battle.
[Movement Boost] While in effect, increase a target's movement speed. An icon of a pair of boots will appear over their head. It doesn't have any other effect, but it may indirectly lower their damage taken by letting them run out of an attack's area of effect. However, it is important not to confuse the target by suddenly using the skill, since the skill takes immediate effect.
Reflex Boost
[Defensive Support] Raises an ally's evasion rate (effect increases with skill level). After the Catastrophe, higher evasion rate no longer results in automatic dodging, but a person's ability to notice and react to attacks is boosted.
Security Wall
[Defensive Support] Gives a buff to allies within range which negates the next Sealing-type condition inflicted on them.
Spinning Fate
Uses magic to reverse the Wheel of Fate and mitigate bad luck.
True Guide
[Attack Support] Creates a magic guide in front of an ally, increasing their accuracy.
[Defensive Support] Removes debuffs from an ally by undoing the magic that was cast on them.

Attack Magic

Skill Name Effect[2]
Abate Bullet
[Debuffing] Deals a small amount of damage to the enemy and lowers their Defense.
Astral Hypno
[Debuffing] Neutralize an enemy by making them fall asleep; because it "induces a state of unconsciousness" rather than "induces sleepiness", it is effective even on beings that don't normally sleep. Sleeping enemies have a "Zzz" icon above their heads. This effect lasts 20 seconds or until the enemy takes damage. Damage is boosted against Sleeping enemies. The skill's cooldown is a mere 5 seconds, so the effect can be extended by reapplying the skill right before the target wakes up.

This skill is the backbone of the Freezer build. A skilled Enchanter can keep 2 enemies immobilized this way, and experienced ones can keep tabs on 3 or more enemies. However, this is not an easy feat; a small miscalculation or an incompetent party member can ruin the setup.
Brain Vise
[Debuffing] [Action Restriction] A psychic attack that unleashes a powerful attack on the target's mind. An eye-shaped magic circle forms at the target's feet, then pillars of black light will shoot upwards, engulfing them. If the pillars hit the target, their hit success rate (from magic attacks, weapon attacks, breath attacks, etc.) is drastically lowered. This skill deals relatively powerful damage along with its effect, and in exchange costs a lot of MP and greatly raises the caster's Hostility. For that reason, it is extremely effective in longer battles if you know the enemy's behavior patterns, but a risky move in first encounters or PvP battles. In raids where long-range attacks are near-guaranteed, its ability to cause such an attack to miss is invaluable.
Electrical Fuzz
A lightning-element attack that sticks to the target, swirling around them and dealing damage over time. It's nowhere near as powerful as a Sorcerer or Summoner's attack, so it's usually used in-between cooldowns to prepare for a powerful attack. After the Catastrophe, it is often used in dark areas or nighttime battles to keep track of enemies. It takes roughly 1.5 seconds to cast this spell.
Mind Bolt
A pale phosphorous light shot at the target. It deals psychic damage that damages both mind and body, and slightly lowers the target's MP.
Mind Shock
[Debuffing] [AoE] An attack that deals psychic damage, damaging enemies in its range both mentally and physically. Its brilliant light breaks their psyche and is capable of sending enemy armies into a swirl of confusion. Enemies caught in its range are inflicted with Accuracy Lowered and Evasion Lowered. The skill's cooldown is 180 seconds.
Nightmare Sphere
[Debuffing] [Move Obstruction] [AoE] Casts a translucent shockwave towards the enemy, inflicting psychic damage on enemies within its range and inflicting Slowed. Afterwards, it leaves a debuff field that slows any enemy that enters it. While the skill's damage doesn't increase with skill level, the effectiveness and debuff success rate of Slowed is boosted. A level 90 Enchanter can inflict 80% Slowed before factoring in equipment.
Pulse Bullet
Shoots small light bullets that track enemies. It has 0 casting time and cooldown and has very low Hostility gain, making it a pretty decent attack skill... if it weren't for its pathetic damage. There's a legendary Sprinkler build designed to make Enchanter a pseudo-DPS class by endlessly casting Pulse Bullet, but it requires extremely high-specced equipment and most people consider it a joke.
Thorn Bind Hostage
(Sewn Bind Hostage)
[Attack Support] A set spell that encircles the target in thorns. Although the skill on its own deals no damage, the thorns deal extra damage when the target is hit by an ally's physical attack. The number of thorns produced and damage dealt increase with skill level. This skill has a 2-second cast time and 15-second cooldown. While this skill technically does not obstruct movement, after the Catastrophe, targets have to physically untangle themselves from the thorns.

Enemy Inhibition

Skill Name Effect[2]
Astral Bind
[Move Obstruction] A shining thread restrains the target, preventing them from moving long distances. However, it does not completely paralyze the target and they can still attack players within a short range A basic skill for Crowd Controllers, it sets up the way for the damage dealers to do their job. Mastering this skill is considered the basics of party operation.
[Debuffing] [Move Obstruction] A thin curtain of darkness wraps around the target and then tightens around them. Although it deals no damage, the target will be Incapacitated briefly if it succeeds; and if they are already debuffed, there is a chance to inflict Instant Death based on level difference between caster and target. This skill cannot be used on bosses, but its low cast time, cooldown, and Hostility gain makes it a useful skill against bosses that spawn lots of mobs.
Mana Leak
Interfere with an enemy’s magic circle by cracking it and causing magic power to leak out, ending the enemy’s special move prematurely and causing any buffs it would have gotten to miss.
Entrances the enemy, rendering them incapable of acting. Raid and Boss-type enemies cannot be targeted.

MP Management

Skill Name Effect[2]
Karma Drive
[MP Restoration] While an ally is under this effect, each critical hit dealt also recovers MP. In Elder Tale where MP recovery is relatively scarce, this skill is one of Enchanter's distinguishing points. An ally under this effect will have a four-leaf clover icon over their head.
Mana Channeling
[MP Support] A support ability that drains the whole party's MP and redistributes it equally among the party. Allies under its effect are connected by a yellow mesh.
Mana Siphon
[MP Restoration] Transfers your MP to an ally.
Mana Transformer
[MP Restoration] Transfers some of your MP to an ally over a period of several seconds. At lower skill levels, around 30% of the MP transferred will be lost, but that amount will decrease at higher levels. It has a rather short cast time and a cooldown of 90 seconds, so Enchanters tend to use this skill liberally thanks to their large MP pools.

Self Reinforcement

Skill Name Effect[2]
Cast On Beat
Reduces your own skill casting time and cooldown speed. You'll still be limited by cooldown and MP cost, but while under this effect, you can continuously cast skills. The class was balanced with Cast On Beat in mind, so it's used by almost every Enchanter. However, its effect is rather plain, so many players in other classes don't even realize that this skill exists.
Dancing Staff
Imbue magic into your magical tools, allowing them to move as if alive. Their accuracy and effectiveness are enhanced.
Gazing Eye
[Toggle-type] Amplifies the damage of spells that inflict debuffs and status conditions on enemies and deals additional damage. Spells that deal no damage on their own but damage the target on condition, like Blackout and Thorn Bind Hostage, will also have their damage boosted slightly. However, there is one major condition to this spell—it cannot be used if you have something equipped in the Head slot. Choosing between Gazing Eye's effect and a headgear's effects is a dilemma many Enchanters face.
Mage Feedback
[Attack Support] Inflicts additional damage with every attack you make. The amount of damage is fixed and ignores DEF, allowing you to deal damage even if you normally wouldn't have. Useful in increasing your damage output, especially with spells that land multiple hits per cast. While in effect, every hit is accentuated by flying sparks.
[Attack Support] Changes psychic damage attacks to another element. While in effect, your attacks have a rainbow glimmer.
Psycho Tuner
[Passive] Mind Bolt and Nightmare Sphere will ignore effects that lower or negate psychic damage.


  • The general skill categories (Ally Support, Attack Magic, etc.) are unofficial terms used for wiki purposes.
  • Most of the above effects are translated from atwiki's version if there is a discrepancy with the Log Horizon Database. The Log Horizon Database bases skill effect descriptions on what is used in the LHTRPG, which is sometimes drastically different from what Elder Tale would have as they are two completely different game styles (tabletop RPG vs. MMO).
    • In the LHTRPG, Infinity Force reduces Hostility gained by using powerful skills to 0.
  • On Japanese sites, "Mana Transformer" is literally written "Mana Trans" (マナトランス); the word "Trans" (トランス) in this context refers to a power transformer.
  • Previously, Mage Feedback was unofficially translated as Mage Howling, which is the literal reading of its katakana. That said, "Howling" (ハウリング) is the Japanese term for audio feedback, but has a completely different connotation in English. To stay true to the name's intent, it has been changed to Feedback on the wiki.
  • Some skills on atwiki have no descriptions and have dubious origin (not mentioned in the light novels or TRPG). They have not been included until they can be verified. Skills that fall under this category:
    • Soul Weapon (ソウルウェポン)
    • Vigor Enhancement (ヴィガーエンハンス)

Average HP and MP Chart

The calculations for this table are based on level and the average gear for that level. However, this table does not account for racial and sometimes subclass abilities.[41]

For a more accurate representation of a character's values based on the quality of their equipment, the following multipliers are a good rule of thumb:

  • Solo player without good equipment: 96% of their level average
  • Average adventurer in an ordinary guild: 100%
  • Adventurer in a wealthy and decently-skilled guild: 106%
  • Adventurer in a raiding guild: 116%
  • Adventurer in a top guild: 125%
Approximate values for Very Low HP, Very High MP [42]
Level HP MP Level HP MP Level HP MP
1 110 200 40 2547 4616 80 5619 10,186
5 335 606 45 2899 5255 85 6044 10,957
10 623 1129 50 3260 5909 90 6478 11,743
15 921 1669 55 3630 6581 95 6921 12,546
20 1339 2008 60 4372 6559 100 7374 13,367
25 1544 2798 65 4399 7973 105 7834 14,202
30 1869 3388 70 4796 8694 110 8305 15,054
35 2203 3994 75 5203 9432 115 8785 15,924

Note: The above values have been approximated from Mamare's original chart, which grouped Summoners and Enchanters with Sorcerers, who have low HP and high MP.

Known Enchanters


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