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Ezzo territory

Locations in the Ezzo Empire

The Ezzo Empire (エッゾ帝国) is a small empire in Elder Tale and one of the Five Territories of Yamato. The Adventurer City of Susukino is located in this territory. It covers the same territory as the real-world Hokkaido Prefecture.


Geographically, the land it governs covers approximately the same area as Japan's Hokkaido Prefecture. Separated from the mainland by the Lyport Channel, the only way for ordinary adventurers to access this territory is by the undersea tunnel known as the Depths of Palm, which is heavily guarded by many monsters. The main events that occur in this nation happen in the player city of Susukino.

The Ezzo Empire is generally a vast wasteland with a myriad of difficult dungeons. This makes it a popular destination for Adventurers, but a hard environment for People of the Land to live in.

The hot-blooded Human Emperor-Conqueror Al Radil[アル=ラーディル] created a young retro machine empire. However, when the Catastrophe struck, most of the empire's powerful mechanized soldiers were deployed on the frontiers to fend off Giants, and so malicious Adventurers quickly seized the capital.[1]

Although the situation has improved greatly since Silver Sword rose to power, little is known about the state of the original Lander government. Whether the Ezzo royal family is alive or dead is uncertain, and the public administrator is only in name.

Geography and Climate

As stated before, the size of the Ezzo Empire is around the same as modern-day Japan's Hokkaido Prefecture. However, most of Ezzo's territory remains undeveloped, particularly anything east of the Poros Mountains and Blazing Peak Daisetsu. Hundred Men's Ice Wall and Wall Shuparo mark the strongholds against hordes of Giants.

West of the Poros Mountains, human civilization is scattered between Susukino, Port City Sharpcliff, and Walled City Shubaro.


The capital of the Ezzo Empire, built in the Iskal District of western Ezzo. This burg is the foothold for Ezzo's Adventurers, and the stronghold against Giants. It also has political functions to lead the surrounding Lander settlements.
Right after the Catastrophe, Susukino was temporarily brought under control by the rogue Adventurers' guild Brigandia. But Silver Sword, a large-scale battle guild that emigrated from Akiba, put down the rogues and started maintaining public order. Thanks to this, peace is gradually returning to Susukino.
Ezzo Potato, one of the major ingredients for Landers of Susukino, is popular among Adventurers as well. They develop new dishes based on it, including 'Sautéed with butter' and 'Miso-soup'.


  • One of Hokkaido's former names is typically spelled as Ezo, but "Ezzo" seems to be the spelling used in Elder Tale.


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