Fairy Rings (妖精の輪 yousei no wa) are a method of long-distance transportation between Adventurer Cities, towns, and dungeons in Elder Tale. Within Adventurer Cities, the Fairy Rings share a location with the Intercity Transport Gate, but are separate from it.

Players must know the schedule of the Fairy Ring destinations, which depend on a lunar cycle, in order to transport themselves to a specific destination.  

After the Catastrophe, Adventurers were no longer able to access the online timetables, so using the gates and knowing where one would end up became impossible.[1] However, some Adventurers, such as Leonardo, took a gamble with the Fairy Rings anyways.

From Honesty's research on the Fairy Rings, the Round Table Alliance found that instead of changing every month, the destination of the Fairy Rings changed every six months. However, there were still some random factors that had been added.[2]


Route 43 arc

Ever since the formation of the Round Table Alliance, Shiroe and some of its members have been studying the Fairy Rings in order to find a solution for the erratic schedule. However, the actions of Eins, who was leading the research, particularly concerns Shiroe for an unstated reason.


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