Fedor is a Person of the Earth and works as the village of Arb's ombudsman. He owns a farm where he lives with his grandchildren Mischa and Ivan. He is only named in the anime; the light novel doesn't mention it anywhere.



Fedor is a kind and friendly Person of the Land who is willing to help adventurers in any way he can. He seems to enjoy their company and finds great interest in listening to their travels. He cares deeply about his grandchildren.


When Mischa and Ivan were born, Fedor had to carry their mother all the way to the doctors so that they could be born.


Return to Akiba

During a thunderstorm, Fedor welcomes Shiroe and his companions into his home and allows them to stay the night within the barn. During the night, Fedor visits the group and exchanges stories with them, listening to them talk about their adventures while reminiscing about his grandchildren's birth. The group then gives Fedor and his grandchildren some food as a token of their gratitude.

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