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Felinoid (also translated as Werecat) is one of the Eight Good Races that players can choose from in Elder Tale.

Lore-wise, Felinoids are one of three demi-human races created by the Northtrilia Project to combat the evil demi-human tribes created by the alvs.


Felinoids, as their name implies, are humanoids with feline characteristics such as fur and cat-like facial features. They are nimble and have keen senses. Notably, unlike Wolf Fangs and Fox Tails, Felinoids do not have tails like real-world cats do.

Known Felinoids


  • Crunchyroll's translation of the Log Horizon 2 anime and Yen On's translation of the light novel both used "Felinoid" for the race name, while "Werecats" (ウェアキャット) was used by the Japanese Log Horizon wiki[1] but does not appear in the official publication.
    • Crunchyroll used "Werecats" in the first season, then switched between "Felinoid" and "Cat-man" in Log Horizon 2.


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