Fox Tail (狐尾族) is one of the three beast-man races in the world of Elder Tale and one of the eight races players can choose from.


They are humanoid with fox ears and phantom tails (the number of tails is dependent on the character's level). Unlike the other man-beast races, Wolf Fang and Werecat, the Fox Tail race receives a boost in magical, not physical abilities.

In lore, Fox Tails have the ability to hide their ears and tails, making themselves look like ordinary Humans, and is presumably an ability of all Fox Tails in the game. Nureha uses this to her advantage in her Overskill, Overlay, which combines this piece of lore with her subclass, Courtesan, to create a "perfect disguise." One of Minami's assassins in "Isaac and Iselus" uses this ability to disguise himself as a nobleman during Iselus' birthday celebration.

Skill Swapping

A notable feature of the Fox Tail race is its skill-switching. Every couple of levels, Fox Tails have a chance of losing one of their Class or Race skills in exchange for another Class' skill. This can work either in favor or against the player, depending on what skill is attained.

It is because of this innate skill that Fox Tail is a relatively unpopular race.

Notable Fox Tails


  • According to Mamare Touno, the skill-swapping ability was simply added to make Nureha unique compared to Shiroe, and he stated that it would be impractical to add it in a real MMO.


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