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Fragrant Olive is an Elf Druid-Scribe and a member of West Wind Brigade. She participates in Operation Capture as a member of the Akiba Raid Party.


Fragrant Olive has long green hair that is tied back.


A fervent fan of Soujiro's, she gets nosebleeds when she sees him and usually has to be restrained by Dolce. Kurinon's antics easily get on her nerves and creep her out, and she begs for Nazuna to return after her punches have no effect on the other girl.


Fragrant olive ln

Fragrant Olive's cameo in volume 5

The Catastrophe

Fragrant Olive is seen with her guild, watching Soujiro as he sheathes his katana.

Return of the Goblin King arc

When the West Wind Brigade travels to the Ancient Palace of Eternal Ice in the wake of the Return of the Goblin King event, Fragrant Olive stands with Dolce and Nazuna, distraught over the flock of Earthling princesses surrounding Soujiro. When he turns to face them, though, all three swoon over him.[4]

Libra Festival arc

Olive is among the group of girls (plus Dolce) that accompanies Soujiro to the Great Silverleaf Tree, where they find Shiroe. She is among those helping out with maintaining order during the Libra Festival, with a "date" with Soujiro as motivation.

Fallen Guardian arc

Fragrant olive anime

Fragrant Olive in Log Horizon 2

When West Wind Brigade goes out to hunt the murderer who killed Kyouko, Fragrant Olive is in a group with Isami, Kawara, and Dolce when they intercept him. However, they are unable to harm Nelles and are barely rescued by Soujiro and Nazuna. Olive is shocked when Akatsuki intervenes and proves herself capable of being able to keep up with the murderer at least slightly. However, with even those two struggling to fend him off, Olive retreats with the other members of the Brigade as Soujiro and Akatsuki buy time for him before getting killed.[5]

Along with several other West Wind Brigade members, Fragrant Olive joins the Akiba Raid Party and is present during their training.[6] During Operation Capture, she is placed on Team H with Dolce and Kurinon. When Akatsuki and Marielle run through their area, she blasts them with her magic as she tells them that they'll delay Nelles. Like the others, she watches as Akatsuki destroys Byakumaru, and goes to the celebratory pajama party.[7]

Other Media

Log Horizon: West Wind Brigade

Fragrant Olive is expanded on in the side-story manga, where she is much more obviously clingy and jealous over Soujiro.


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