Girov is an Elf Summoner-Chef and the head chef of the Crescent Moon Alliance guild.

His birthday is July 16.


He is a young man who wears a chef's clothing and hat.



Before the Catastrophe

Girov and his younger brother Ninjin Second worked at their family's restaurant as chefs. Both of them were trapped into the alternate world after the Catastrophe.

Saving Serara arc

When Shiroe thinks about how menu-crafted food has no flavor, he has a flashback to Girov making food for him and his party, scratching his head awkwardly after the three sit there depressed over the flavorless food.

Round Table Alliance arc

Upon learning about Real Food Preparation from Nyanta, Girov cries tears of joy at being able to have real food again.[2] He, the Crescent Moon chefs, and Nyanta prepare the Crescent Burgers for the Crescent Moon Refreshment Stand and are seen having a toast after a successful first day.[3]



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