Goblin is a Demi-Human monster in the MMORPG Elder Tale.


An infamous Demi-Human type monster, Goblins are short, ugly and skinny creatures standing 150 cm in height. They are one of the evil forces in the North East region of the Yamato archipelago, known for their tenacity, strong reproduction abilities, cruelty and evil nature. A lone Goblin is no match for an Adventurer of intermediate strength or higher, but the Goblins can make up for this deficiency with sheer force of numbers and a variety of types. Their true danger to people is when they unite to form armies of tens of thousands and swarm across the land.

Goblins are known to form primitive tribal communities and divide themselves into different jobs like Goblin Shamans and Goblin Tamers. They will sometimes enslave other races and will elect a King during the event called the Return of the Goblin King twice a year. Goblins are known to live in fortresses or caves and are often in party-like groups tasked to raid and pillage the surrounding towns and villages. They are capable of allying or enslaving other monsters to fight for them in their armies. Recently evidence has been found that goblins are training which they have never done before the Catastrophe.

Coincidentally, Goblins are also seen as a means for survival as defeating 6 of them will earn an Adventurer an amount of 35 Gold, which is sufficient for daily living expenses.

They appeared in the world as several subraces alongside the other demi races during the first World Break spell and have plagued the People of the Earth ever since.


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