The Goblin King is the leader of the united Goblin clans and is the strongest of them all in Elder Tale.


The Goblin King is a Full Raid level monster and it is the main focus on the Return of the Goblin King event. This is a event that happens every two months, where there would be a Goblin King coronation ceremony in the Seven Falls Fortress, crowning the strongest Goblin tribe leader from the surrounding six tribes.

The players would have a week to slay the Goblin King before he was crowned and succeeding in the quest rewarded the players with rare items. A important trick in this raid was attacking the surrounding goblin tribes and weaken their forces. This would make the level and power of the goblins in Seven Falls, and the own Goblin King, weaker.

However if the Goblin King survives the one week event period, he will unite the surrounding tribes and his army will increase by ten times.[1]


Return of the Goblin King arc

After the Catastrophe, the adventurers were more concerned with making the world which was once a game more liveable and leveling up their skills. As a result, no new quests were received from the People of the Land and the Goblin King event was neglected. Alongside the disappearance of the Knights of Izumo, this has made the Goblin King and his armies more powerful than ever in the history of Elder Tale.

However his invasion got crushed by the Round Table Alliance Expeditionary Force.

Gold of the Kunie arc

Krusty, Isaac and their guilds leave Akihabara to finish the Return of the Goblin King event. Before they can do so, however, Krusty disappears after Misa's scythe, Calamity Hearts, causes him to disappear.


  • The Goblin King bears a striking resemblance to Ganon in his original pig form from The Legend Of Zelda series


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