Goblin Tamer is a Demi-Human monster in the MMORPG Elder Tale.


Among the Goblin troops, there is a species called the Goblin Tamers. They are known for their ability to breed and mount different beasts like Owlbears, Hippogriffs and Dire Wolves. Aside from this, they have special curses and skills that can raise the combat ability of the creatures that they breed. While mounting their beasts, Goblin Tamers have high mobility and are often breaking through their enemy's vanguard. Though powerful when attacking in groups, Goblin Tamers can be easily defeated when separated from its allies.[1][2]

During the Return of the Goblin King event, Goblin Tamers try to overwhelm the Adventurers by sheer force of numbers, but they are easily mowed down by large groups of archers, crossbowmen, sorcerers, and a Phoenix summon.

In the 2016 Christmas event in Log Horizon: New Adventure Land, there is a Christmas-themed Goblin Tamer and Dire Wolf; the Goblin Tamer wears a Santa hat, while the Dire Wolf is red, has reindeer antlers, and a round red nose.


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