Gorouhachirou is a Elf Samurai-Rounin in a MMORPG Elder Tale and a former member of the now-disbanded Debauchery Tea Party.

He had a stout body, wore his blonde hair in a topknot, and had a large scar over his right eye (his eye color was purple). His equipment was a nodachi and wakizashi, an imported iron ō-yoroi, and a large kabuki umbrella.[1]

He is a PVPer who is currently unemployed. As a result, even while fighting, he's doing side jobs whenever he has the chance.[2]


  • While Gorouhachirou's subclass is Rounin (浪人) in the traditional sense (a samurai without a master or lord), the term 浪人 has also come to mean a person who is unemployed or a high school student who failed to pass the college entrance exams. That definition is used in his description in volume 9.


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