Green & Green is a guild on the Oceanic Server that originated from Mamare's notes, and are never referenced in official texts. They are, at best, quasi-canon.


Green & Green is a massive international pacifist guild based in Perth, Australia. They seem to serve the same role as the Round Table Alliance and Plant Hwyaden, acknowledging that Landers have rights, kicking out PKs or anyone that harasses Landers, and becoming the Australian landmass' sole guild. Green & Green is also clearing out monsters so they can work towards finding a way home.

They seem to have developed an Overskill or special technique called Art of the Whale Song, trying to tap into whale vocalization to communicate across servers since Telepathic Communication only works within server bounds. However, there have been concerns that the technique may interfere with actual whale calls, so investigation is being done on that.


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