Griffins are a monster in the MMORPG Elder Tale and are available as one type of flying mount, although it is extremely difficult to obtain their mount whistle.


A flying creature with the body of a lion and the head, wings, and legs of an eagle. Its body ranges from two to four meters in length. With its ability to fly and carry up to two passengers at once, some Griffins are trained as mounts. Known to rival the iron-tailed Wyverns, Griffins are strong in battle. However, unlike Wyverns who prefer to live in groups, Griffins are loners, preferring to live alone or sometimes with a mate.[1]

Griffins that are used as mounts have usage restrictions. They can only be used up to 4 hours per day. They can be summoned using specialized whistles and are extremely fast in the air. With the Intercity Transport Gates currently inoperative, players with Griffins have an alternative means to travel great distances.


Before the Catastrophe

The Griffin mount whistle was a rare item given as a reward by the Simurghs, the rulers of winged creatures, for clearing the difficult Hades's Breath raid. D.D.D and the Debauchery Tea Party are two groups known to have cleared this raid. Due to its rarity, Shiroe, as a player without a guild, avoided using it whenever possible to ward off suspicion from other players.

Saving Serara arc

After hearing from Marielle about Serara's predicament in Susukino, Shiroe's Party volunteers to rescue her and uses summoned Griffins as mounts, effectively reducing their travel time from two weeks to three days.

After defeating Demiqas and his guild in Susukino, the group, along with Serara and Nyanta, escapes the city by using Griffins.

Return of the Goblin King arc

When Rayneshia makes the decision to travel to Akihabara to plead with the Adventurers to help the Eastal League of Free Cities, Krusty takes her on his Griffin while Shiroe and Akatsuki ride Shiroe's.

Shiroe and Akatsuki use the Griffin to go to Choushi in order to save Rudy's life.


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