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Guardian is one of the twelve classes in Elder Tale, and one of the three Warrior classes. It is one of the two classes that has no localized versions on any server, the other being the Summoner.


With the highest defense stats out of the twelve classes, the Guardian has the ability to hold back enemies and is usually the cornerstone of the front line. One of the main roles of the Guardian is to draw the attention of the enemy and take the most damage of the group. Guardians can equip nearly all kinds of armor and weapons, but most players choose heavy plate armor, a shield, and a one-handed weapon (such as a sword, axe or mace), as this configuration best suits a Guardian's strengths and battle role.

The Guardian class supports the front line and has many skills to draw aggro. For example, the Guardian is the only class that has multiple skills for the shield as well as skills that nullify damage for a set amount of time. However, the Guardian's potential to directly deal damage is not very high. A Guardian needs high quality gear to be useful, which is one of the class' main weaknesses.

Sample Builds

There are three main builds for Guardians.


The standard one-handed sword and large shield style.

Naotsugu, Dinclon, and Kyouko use this build.

Scarlet Knight

Forgoes a shield to equip a two-handed weapon with HP absorption effects. It compensates for damage taken by absorbing HP via attacks.

It is famous because "Berserker" Krusty uses this build.


Build that emphasizes continuous usage of skills rather than normal attacks (auto-attack). Like the Scarlet Knight build, it requires very specific equipment to use and thus is not as commonly used.

"Black Sword" Isaac is recognized as the strongest Juggernaut in Yamato.

Known Skills

For a general overview of how skills work in Elder Tale, see Skills.


Skill Name Effect
Armor Crash [Heavy Weapon Skill] Using a heavy weapon such as an Axe or Hammer, deal a heavy blow on an opponent's armor and lower their ATK and DEF.
Aura Saber Emit a murderous fighting spirit. With a weapon (or bare hands for a Monk) radiating with light, pierce through opponents as though they are wearing nothing. Special attack that deals piercing damage and ignores the defense of the target.

While it looks flashy, the amount of Hate gained relative to damage dealt is lower than other skills, so it's not too good at controlling large groups of enemies. However, this is useful against groups of enemies that don't have very tough skins.

Cross Slash Pooling your power into your brandished weapon, strike twice in a shape of an X. It is a starting skill for Guardians. Because this skill can be used regardless of the weapon, many Guardians know and love it.
Onslaught [Two-handed Weapon] Wielding a large two-handed weapon, carry out a terrible, fierce attack. The damage dealt is the highest of all the Guardian attack skills. If this attack is successful, it can provide bonus effects such as increased attack power. By using a two-handed weapon and this skill, a Guardian can use an aggressive build.
Shield Smash [Movement Skill] [Shield] Simply beat someone up with your equipped shield. The damage dealt is not very high, but it has many effects such as disrupting troublesome attacks or the casting of magic spells, and daunting enemies.
Scarlet Thrust [HP Recovery] [Spear] Special attack that absorbs the physical strength of an opponent that is hit by this skill.

The amount absorbed is by no means large, but it is one of the few Recovery skills that Guardians have, so being able to relieve the Healing classes at least a little bit can be a big help. When this skill is successful, a red ball of light appears around the user.

Shield Swing [Knock Back] [Shield] Rush into an enemy with your shield and deal a heavy blow to an opponent. This skill consumes slightly more MP, but has a wider range of effect; if correctly positioned, the user can hit multiple enemies. The damage output of this skill depends on the Shield's Defense stat.
Taunting Blow [Aggro Management] Increase Hate towards yourself while attacking by using large gestures. A basic skill of Guardians who play the True Shield role.


Skill Name Effect
Anchor Howl [Aggro Management] Establish yourself as a threat to the enemy by raising a loud cry, a powerful Guardian provocation skill that instantaneously raises your own Hate. Since you are taking the brunt of the enemy's attacks, you gain a DEF boost for a short while, a reason why Guardians are good on the front lines. While defense is increased, the Guardian's armor glows.
Castle of Stone [Special Skill] Become the pinnacle of defense, an immobile fortress of stone that can take all damage for a short duration. It is one of the strongest defense skills, exclusive to Guardians. When this skill is in effect, the user's body looks like it is made of marble.
Covering Before enemies can get too close, stand in their way to defend another member of your team and take the damage for them, another signature skill of the Guardian class. Because you have to be in position before activating the skill, the party's formation is important.
Counter Break [Special Skill] Offset the power of an enemy's attack with your own. There is a popular charm in the flashy effects when an attack is successfully canceled. Because the amount of damage reduced depends on attack power, it is said that a two-handed weapon-wielding Guardian can offset even a Samurai's trump card. Because this skill has a long cooldown time, it is important to have good timing.
Cool Defense Be a calm and reassuring defense in any situation. Reduce any damage taken by a certain percent during the duration of this skill. The effect increases with the amount of damage taken, but also uses up MP, so most people use it in a short duration of time when under heavy attack.
Fortress Stance [Stance] [Toggled] [Support Skill] Turn into a weaponless, defense-oriented, steadfast fortress. You cannot be pushed back by or wince at an opponent's attack, and your defense increases. Useful in long, drawn-out battles against multiple opponents. A blue aura manifests at your feet when this skill is in use.
Iron Bounce Take the opponent's attack on a strong part of your equipment, reducing the damage. There is a chance that this skill will automatically activate when you are hit. As the proficiency level of this skill increases, the amount of damage taken is further reduced, and the chance of the skill activating automatically increases.
Steady Bulwark [Shield] [Special Skill] Ready your shield in a defensive pose to reduce damage. A dome-shaped light encases your allies within a certain range, applying the damage reduction effect to them as well. The higher the shield's Defense, the greater the effect of this skill.
Vicarious Shield [Shield] [Revival] [Special Skill] Prevent a fatal blow at the expense of your shield. The moment your HP drops to 0, a portion of your HP will be instantly restored. Because the shield you used will be destroyed, it is necessary to prepare a spare two-handed weapon or shield to replace it. This will not work against a barrage of attacks (since you only get revived once per shield), and repairing a shield after it was destroyed can be costly.
Shield Mastery [Shield] [Passive Skill] Increase the defense of whatever shield you equip. Different levels of this skill will also provide bonus benefits that further enhances the defensive capabilities of your shield.
Heavy Armor Stance [Stance] [Toggled] [Movement Skill] [Support Skill] Stick close to an opponent, preventing them from moving away from you. However, you have to be careful of pushback skills that could disrupt this stance. When this skill is in effect, there is a dull chain between you and your target.


Skill Name Effect
Resilience [HP Recovery] Showing the durability of a Guardian's strong body, recover HP during battle as if you were resting. HP is gradually recovered, but not at the rate of a Druid's heal-over-time spells. It is useful for continuing long battles, though.
Taunting Shout [Aggro Management] Basic provocation skill that targets one opponent and directs the attention towards you. With this, your allies can attack without worry of becoming targeted. When this skill is used, there is an air wave effect around you as you raise a loud cry.
Step Over If there is a trap, you can break it by force and take damage in return. If it is successful, the trap will then be disabled for a period of time, and your allies can pass through safely.

Average HP and MP Chart

The calculations for this table are based on level and the average gear for that level. However, this table does not account for racial and sometimes subclass abilities.[1]

For a more accurate representation of a character's values based on the quality of their equipment, the following multipliers are a good rule of thumb:

  • Solo player without good equipment: 96% of their level average
  • Average adventurer in an ordinary guild: 100%
  • Adventurer in a wealthy and decently-skilled guild: 106%
  • Adventurer in a raiding guild: 116%
  • Adventurer in a top guild: 125%
Approximate values for High HP, Low MP
Level HP MP Level HP MP Level HP MP
1 200 100 40 4628 2314 80 10,212 5106
5 608 304 45 5268 2634 85 10,984 5492
10 1133 566 50 5925 2962 90 11,773 5886
15 1674 837 55 6598 3299 95 12,578 6289
20 2232 1116 60 7288 3644 100 13,400 6700
25 2244 1964 65 7994 3997 105 14,238 7119
30 3397 1698 70 8717 4358 110 15,093 7546
35 4004 2002 75 9456 4728 115 15,964 7982

Known Guardians


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